Home Discussion Forum Does anyone know how to read into tarot cards?

Does anyone know how to read into tarot cards?

so im becoming more interested in reading them, but im not too sure how to get a more clear reading. ive tried looking it up on different sites but none really helped. i have a simple white rider deck, any advice?


  1. You buy lots books and more cards. That is what’s really wanted. Your money. Never mind the fact that you not get the same spread fifteen minutes later. This is massed produced psychic ability you can buy.

  2. Library books. Learn the cards and the symbols on them, and what the symbols stand for. Practice. Feedback. Record your readings. Perhaps the questions are too far out.

  3. I’ve found this website pretty useful for giving information on each card:
    But if you say that the readings seem very unclear, I’m guessing either:
    1. You simply lack experience – in this case, it’s matter of practice, practice, practice! I find it useful to keep a “tarot journal” – pull a tarot card for each day, and then record how that reflected the day’s events or how you felt that day. With experience and practice, you will begin to make connections that work for you, and that is no substitute for books.
    2. You are asking the wrong kind of questions. The tarot is not terrifically good at answering “Yes or No” questions, like “Am I pregnant?”or “Will my ex-girlfriend ever come back?” or open-ended questions like, “Should I go on holiday now or later in the year?”
    Try having the question very clearly in your mind, write it down if possible. Make sure you are calm and focused during the reading. Word your question in a way that focuses on you and action for you to take. eg “What obstacles are standing in the way of me becoming pregnant?” or “How can I renew my relationship with my ex?” Don’t ask more than one question at a time either!
    Always write down the information you receive and date it for future reference.
    If you’re having trouble getting a feel for seeing relationships between the cards, a helpful little book is “Supertarot” by Sasha Fenton. It’s very basic and written in clear language.

  4. Well, Tarot requires a lot of practice and patience. Those that are against Tarot have no idea how it works or what it is and that bothers them.
    I would suggest getting the book “Power Tarot” as it has many different definitions for different areas (i.e. work, finances, romance,etc.). You’ll find that over time YOUR meanings for the cards have either expanded or changed and that’s fine!
    The Rider-Waite-Smithe deck is the best deck to start with, so you are good there. I would honestly suggest getting that book. Also, Mary K. Greer has some really good books on Tarot–depending on your interest, so check her books out.


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