Home Discussion Forum Does anyone know how to patch up the aura?

Does anyone know how to patch up the aura?

I feel very drained and without energy, even after a bath with salt.
I don’t know how to patch up my aura.


  1. Rub your back and body with tiger balm, lay a big cushion on your spare room or loungeroom floor, put a towel over your back and listen to some zen or relaxing music. Relax for 45min. You’ll have more life-energy than ever.
    Also, if you live in Australia, you must see Roz Lawler, in Randwick or Maroubra, Sydney. She’s a 7th degree reiki teacher and also aura cleanser. She does seminars called “a night of spirit”.

    • I live in Australia and I have seen Roz Lawler and it was definitely worth it. I received a life clearing from her which went for 3-4 hours and my life has never been the same. She is honest and great!

  2. Your Aura is made up of differnet colors. You can find the answer to your question by taking the Aura Test at tickle.com. It will give you the insight you need for repairing your aura. Set up a tickle test account and take the test. Keep hold of your password that they will give you and you can access all of your test results. Most of the tests they offer are free of charge. I know the tests help me.

  3. Bathing with salt will remove all negative energy but will also remove a lot of positive energy too. You need Reiki for healing, which I am sending to you as a gift of love. Pl. accept the same. Visualise a white or blue light enveloping you totally and healing you as needed. Sai Ram. Your aura is now healed.

  4. Hi Lynn,
    I am a Pranic Healer and have done a certificate course from Master Choa Kok Sui (MCKS) Pranic Healing Foundation.He’s the founder of Pranic Healing.
    Pranic healing is an ancient science of healing through prana (Qi or ‘life energy’). Prana is that life energy, which keeps the body alive and maintains its vitality.
    Principles of Healing
    In bioplasmic body plasma implies the fourth state of matter, the first three being; solid, liquid and gas. It is a living energy body made up of invisible subtle matter. It is through this energy body that prana or life energy is absorbed and distributed throughout the whole physical body. In fact, there are chakras or whirling energy centers (11 in number according to pranic healing), just like power stations, that absorb and supply life energy to vital organs.
    The solar plexus chakra, the most significant chakra in our body relates to stress and its effects. It is located at the hollow area between the ribs. It controls and energizes the diaphragm, pancreas, liver, stomach, and to a large extent energizes the large and small intestines, appendix, lungs, heart and other parts of the body. The whole body can be energized through solar plexus chakra as subtle energies from the lower and the higher chakras pass through it.
    Apart from external disease factors, uncontrolled and suppressed emotions and habitual tension or stress (worry, anger, prolonged irritability and frustration) result in pranic depletion and congestion around the solar plexus and heart chakras. It results in malfunctioning of the chakra. Consequently the health rays are partially affected and are clairvoyantly seen as wavy instead of straight. The outer aura becomes slightly grayish when under the influence of emotional disturbances.
    In the first case it may manifest as indigestion or loose motion and in the long run it may manifest itself as an ulcer or a gall bladder problem. A de-vitalized or weakened energy body can become susceptible to all kinds of infections, inflammations and other diseases.
    The method of pranic healing involves scanning, cleansing, strengthening and gradually restoring the energy body by manipulating the bioplasmic matter or prana or Qi. It follows the stages of first scanning the aura, cleansing or decongesting the bioplasmic channels (chakras) in the energy body, and then replenishing it by projecting healing prana (qigong) in specific areas.
    If you want, you can heal your aura yourself by following the
    steps I mention below:
    1)Apply general sweeping two to three times
    2)Apply localized sweeping and energizing on the basic, sex, navel, front & back solar plexus chakras.
    3)repeat the treatment three times a week for as long as necessary.

  5. there are several things you can do.
    Meditate and strengthen your aura
    Take hikes in nature
    Carry an agate, amethyst, and obsidian in your pocket,

  6. How do you know your aura needs patching? There are people doing energy work, who can remove energy that blocks or clogs up the aura. Your aura is energy that has several layers. Find a book called Hands of Light. Read the book and find some people who can see your aura and know how to clean it out.


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