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Does anyone know how to open your Third Eye? And if so, what can you really see?


  1. Your third eye is in your mind and it is possible t see wonderous things.
    I personally think that in order to open this(you could use the term third eye for it) it is good to take selective things you see in life and put them together in a way that means something to you.

  2. Stay away from tv or at least main stream tv.
    It helps to be grounded and solid first other wise you have these wiered thought shooting through you mind and this can ce unsettling. Drugs can do this sometimes. But mainly;….
    Don’t just look at the world… See the world… and seeing is learned by seeing. No one can tell you what it is like to see. It an only be experienced. lf you are really interested l know some good teachings to get you there…

  3. OK… I think your interpretation is a lot different to mine… lol… I have no problems in opening the third eye… sometimes I’m there to see… other times I’m not!

  4. I used sandalwood and jasmine oil to anoint it regularly. Now I dun have to ….. But beware what you wished for because you may not like what you see my dear.

  5. Yes, and what I see is what-ever I want. I control my third eye and while it’s not open I don’t have control over what I see but when it is I’m the director. Otherwise why open it? the way to open it will be revealed to you once you know the password (obtained through meditation). OK this answer was from my maddening contrite boyfriend. My answer is: I’d have to go along with him as far as the meditation goes. I believe that I once saw with my third eye. The experience was so strange and unexpected that it startled me right back to my two eyed consciousness. The sight was spreading out from my physical self, interestingly enough following the path that the physical self would. This occur ed spontaneiously out of a need for self defense. That’s all I know.

  6. I believe your third eye is more of your own mindset. A lot of times ppl can’t forget all the unhappiness in their life and it always affect their judgement in certain matters. If you can forget all the unhappiness, you are able to see things more thoroughly and handle matters in a more logic way

  7. I believe your third eye is more of your own mindset. A lot of times ppl can’t forget all the unhappiness in their life and it always affect their judgement in certain matters. If you can forget all the unhappiness, you are able to see things more thoroughly and handle matters in a more logic way

  8. self realisation or realising what the soul is and realising that god is in you leads to enlightenment or opening your third eye

  9. That would be the pineal body and it is nothing but trouble, when a cancer develops in it, and since it is inside the skull at maturity it sees nothing.

  10. One of my friends did research on it. Close your regular eyes and picture a third eye on you forehead or somewhere between your eyes. Picture that eye opening.
    Then just clear your mind. My friend did it once, about her parents relationship and saw a lamp. I don’t know if it worked or not, neither does she.
    Be careful though because stuff can get in through your third eye, and you could become possessed or learn things you aren’t supposed to know.

  11. It is not as a third I appears on you for head, I is on of you shacras many in your body…you just Have to be able to except and believe.
    rub your for head with olive oil and through breath the it will open.
    It is to cleans your soul.
    and no an eye ball will not appear on your forhead

  12. I believe to understand what is meant by your third eye study Jesus and Buddha how they were at harmony with life. They were at peace because they were on a equal bases with all life large and small. The way to do these is to put yourself outside the world looking back into it where you and your own life plays no part in things. Then look at the world through the eyes and mind of other living things, understand how it feels and sees the world. Done right you will feel as one with all living things, and all of nature at once always. You’ll draw energy from the life around you as it does you. Opening your third eye causes a very high sense of awareness absent of fear and worry. I don’t think I’ve every meet anyone else like this, most people are to caught up in the material world and how they fit into it. Learn not to see yourself as being a part of it and see life through the mind and eyes of others. This is also a big key to higher intelligence because of the clarity of mind causes you not only to see and understand the world better but also to feel as if it is you.

  13. its dangerous and possible to artificially open the third eye using methods such as bwgen. Think of it like this, if you do succeed in artificially opening the third eye, it may be too much for the brain to handle at once, its like a dam breaking, can cause you to go insane, or die.
    To open the third eye:
    Close your eyes, clear your mind, then focus both your eyes just in the middle of the eyebrows. it is said that attention is food for the third eye. it is hungry, give it food, pay attention to it.
    Close your eyes, with eyes closed let your eyes move as if looking at the center point between your eyebrows, when you are near the right point, your eyes will become fixed. it will be difficult to move them as your third eye is a magnet for attention.
    Also learn to meditate. Learn to clear your mind of all thought.
    then you will be able to open your third eye.

  14. The Third Eye is your spiritual eye. People say you can open it by clearing your mind and doing heavy meditating. The thought that you can actually see something is unique. By opening your Third Eye you can see everything around, even if its miles away.

  15. Third eye is situated in between two eyebrows.It cannot be seen.it is called Sixth sense.Opening of it requires a lot of Yogic practice under Guru(Teacher) and the technique is called Kundalini Yoga.It is very difficult.It improves power of intution and will be able see past,present and future and solutions to problems.By opening of third eye you will be able to see and hear persons or objects,whatever be the physical distance.It is difficult for ordinary people to open the third eye.It requires a life time effort.
    Raja Yoga ,it is more or less meditation improves some faculties and is simple .You can select the book of Shri Swami Vivekananda to begin with.(Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda)

  16. i use my third eye to find lost objects.. but its limited.. i can only use it 5 times.. after that the things i see will be either blurred or cannot make any sense.. but recently i am loosing my ability.. its hard for me to get into the ‘third eye state’.. i wish i know why.. am i loosing my precious power?? i hope not because i love it.. i been using it to help my friends and family members to search for their lost items.. and now i am loosing it.. what did i do wrong?

  17. the third eye is a chacra point that is imbeded in youer brain and can controle meny aspects in youer youer head and body the coler of this chacra is indigo and opening it takes grate concentrashon and long meditashon and you will see meny things in a difrent point of view and if you do not have the mental strength wile meditateing put a indigo colerd stone on the center of youer forhead and keep it in place with a headband or sumthing then wile meditateing imagin a a indigo flame on youer forhean
    may caus nitemares hilushinasons and paranoya

  18. Dear if you don’t know about third eye better don’t open your mouth or don’t give your any opinion
    Because you are not ready for vision of soul you need to be more mature in life.

  19. Dear all if you believe in yourself as your are son of (your father and son of mother)
    Then you have to believe there is supreme creator, as proof every time your 100 trillion cells need full fill by supreme creator. Like air, nature, whichever needs for your artificial body to activate arrange by supreme creator. So no more jokes there were not such olive oil for opening your third eye for your information.


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