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does anyone know how to open the eight inner chakra gates from wicca?

this is a wicca thing not a naruto thing so please help me


    • Open the Earth Star chakra first it will open the eight chakra, open earth star first it will ground you and protect you when the soul star (eight) chakra opens up. Do (several) some high level astro projections before openinig the the soul star chakra ( it’s what the eight Chakra is called) You might not find many entries on the Soul Star Chakra but you will with the Earth Star chakra, If you have the 7 chakras open then the Earth chakra will open the Soul chakra. It is higly remcommended you open the earth chakra first, Opening the Soul chakra before openin’ the the Earth chakra might make you as they call it, “Loco.”

  1. Is this the same as the breaking of the seventh seal thus signaling the end of the world?
    If it is I’m all for it, we’ve had long enough to mess up this planet.

  2. First of all I am going to give you a website that is great.www.darkmooncircle.net it is better to read for yourself than have somone explain.I use this site all the time I am also studying wicca.Second I am going to say make sure you read thoroughly to make sure your information is correct not that it isnt.And if you are interested you can join their online group it is great they are all very helpful.Not only does this site have good information it also has exercises “mental”. I hope you like the site.Blessed Be

  3. as a Jew I found how to open anything that should be opened -a prayer
    “Jesus help me, I am sorry for my sins, come into my heart and be my friend, amen.” He said he would and would help us as a best friend=Revelation 3:19&20 knockin on each heart to come in…

  4. Probably the most helpful way is through guided meditation. Or through visualization. During your meditation if you do it unguided – just visualize a beam of light coming down, and hitting the crown chakra and then each one of them opening one at a time after that.
    Probably the easiest way of doing it.

  5. wicca is a witchie wanna be satanic death cult, that deludes females into thinking they will gain girlie power. no such thing as 8th inner chakra gates, its all fake, just like wicca.

  6. Chakra’s .. I recommend the book, The rainbow bridge vol1 &
    2 by Three Disiples. the chakra’s don’t belong exclusively to wiccan, and this I have found to be thee easiest way to open them.
    I AM

  7. The eight chakra points, (I’ve never heard of them being called “inner chakra gates” except in Naruto) aren’t exclusively a Wiccan thing, they’re also from Eastern belief systems, and the best way to gain access to them is through meditation.

  8. Opening the Chakras In Wicca
    Chakras belong to the human body/soul and are real energetic forces, so even if the word hasn’t come thru the Western European language, the question is still valid for wiccans.
    Opening all the chakras is not usually the problem. Chakras are by their nature open, altho some may seem blocked. The problem is usually imbalance in the energy flow.
    The best general remedy I would say is moving your awareness up and down the spine.
    Begin by sitting comfortably and becoming aware of the base of your spine. It is best to keep your eyes focused at your third eye, while doing this exercise.
    Consciously move your awareness up the spine. When you get to the skull, your awareness travels around inside the top of the skull, to the third eye, and the returns back down again to the base of the spine.
    Try to become aware of each small bit that your awareness travels. And keep your awareness moving in the centre of your spine, not off to one side.
    Another version of this which works wonderfully comes from Swami Radha’s Kundalini Yoga for the West, by Timeless Books.
    In this, you move your awareness up and down the spine, only to the base of the skull, a few times. Then you imagine a tiny spark of pure colourless light rising up this same path from the base of the spine, up and down the very centre of the spine a few times – seeing it light up the whole channel. Then you bring the light all the way up and around to the third eye, where you allow it to brilliantly illuminate your entire brain for a few moments, before taking it back down to the base of the spine. At this point, envision the light as being enclosed by a lotus flower or rose, as if cupped gently in safe hands. This ends the meditation.
    I recommend seeing her book, which goes into more detail than i’ve done here. I’ve done this practice for years, with wonderful results.
    However, this is not recommended unless you have strong grounding skills and have been doing spiritual work for some time.
    Otherwise, simply moving your awareness slowly up and down the spine this way is a much safer, healthier, and beneficial practice.
    A Word Of Caution: This is much more powerful than it may seem. Some precautions to take are:
    * Do only a few per day, Maximum!
    * Keep your awareness/breath moving up the exact centre of the spine.
    * Always end with the awareness/spark settling solidly into the base of the spine.
    * Make sure to do other physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy work along with ANY attempt to open the chakras. If the strength of the energy flow seriously outweighs the capacity of your body/mind/soul to carry it, you can have extremely serious consequences, like psychotic breaks, chronic illness, or even death.
    With Blessings,

  9. One of my teachers has developed an exercise she calls “The Ladder of Hestia,” which is a religious witchcraft (she doesn’t use the term “Wicca”) method of tapping into and clearing the chakra points.
    On her website, she says,
    “I think of the element of fire throughout the exercise, because I feel the individual goddesses at each chakra burning away what I want to get rid of, and replacing it with their individual qualities of healing, creative force, courage, love, clear communication, mental clarity, and grace. If you will take these exercises, do them daily, and make them your own (rewriting them if you feel called to do so), you will learn the inner alchemy from the inside out, which is really the only way to make it anything but another academic subject.”
    I’ve given a link to the complete exercise.
    Note: this is nothing like the way the Eastern religions deal with the chakra points.

  10. chakras are gateways for your chi, try finding your chi before you open your chakras. when you do that you want to learn how to control and concentrate on that before you open your “gates” ive always have imagined my chakra to be like a spinning door. thats how it was explained on the first website i read about chi and chakra. also make sure you slow your chakras down to and even pace. its unhealthy for your physical and mental health to stop meditation with your chi not under control. you may feel very exhausted, also there are some herbs that can help inhance your control of the chakras. find where they are first and what order you should open them from. some people like to start at the root chakra. but for some odd reason that one is VERY difficult for me to control. i have a hard time just finding it. so i usually open my crown chakra first. and go down.. also theres only 7 chakras.


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