Does anyone know how to go about finding a shaman?

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I need spiritual guidance in referance to my animal spirits, and I have not idea how to go about finding a reliable shaman, native american is preferred

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I met one once in St. George, Utah, but I don’t know how to locate him again. You might try doing a search with different Native American tribes in your state and see what happens.


The Master appears, when the pupil is ready!

Arf Bee

If you are sincere in your quest, talk to some residents in the Native American Indian Reservation nearest to your place… Perhaps someone there could be of help to you.
Other than that, try to join a sweat lodge.
Peace be with you.

chris l

find the nearest reservation to you. they will know. the true ones will not be advertised over the internet. it will be word of mouth.


Find the closest tribal center where you live and talk to the tribal elders. They will direct you to the shaman/medicine talker.


MerlinPi is right, when you are ready they will appear. Put it to the universe that you feel you are ready for guidannce.
Blessed be.


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