Does anyone know how to find the history of your house?





I have a resident Ghost,it flits between my house and the one adjoining it.
My family and my neighbour’s have both sensed and occasionally seen it.
And there is a lot of negative energy in both our houses.
Any help would be appreciated


  1. Land registry.My friends flats were built on an old cemetery,hence the former residents were not happy so did things in the flats. To send the spirit on its way you need a vicar to bless the house, or a catholic priest to exorcise it.Doesn’t come free though.

  2. Take more water with it.
    Try the local council, older members of the community and local newspapers.

  3. Interesting.
    There is a way but I don’t know it, I once asked this myself and got a volunteer who said he’d do it all for me for free.
    Needless to say I was wary giving him my address and it fell at the first hurdle.

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