does anyone know how to contact steven hawking directly?

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without having to go through all the little busy bodies at the university that know not too much about what they are talking, i have some answers he might be interested in

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try giving a really good question to answer

Ice Demon

If you really have something important to say, you should probably publish it yourself or just go through all the busy bodies. Well known physicists like professor Hawking usually get a ton of letters from ordinary people telling them about their wacky ideas for perpetual motion machines and stuff. Einstein used to complain that all the crazy people would write him. If you are in school, you should write a paper and discuss your ideas with your professors and fellow students. They can often help you focus your thoughts by coming up with objections to your ideas.


Phone him and ask!

Mark G

All those little busy bodies round him are PhD students and as they went to Cambridge they are some of the finest Post-grad cosmologist the world has to offer. So if you have anything that Steven might be interested, which I presume has something to do with Cosmology then they are the guys to contact. Otherwise try his secretary, I’m sure if it is something Steven would like to talk to you about he will get in touch.


Publish your answers in some reputed physics/astronomy journals. He will call you.


I thought that he died a few years ago ?

kola l

what a question


You could email his wheelchair


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