Home Discussion Forum does anyone know how much amethyst quartz is worth?

does anyone know how much amethyst quartz is worth?

i have a big piece of amethyst quartz, but i have no idea what it is worth. i want to sell it, but i dont know what to sell it for. ( this is only amethyst quartz, not amethyst!)


  1. I don’t know which country you’re in, but I would suggest that you have a look through sites that sell gems and minerals to get an idea, and then try and sell it a little bit cheaper (not too much of course). I have a beautiful large piece from a geode, and it didn’t cost me more than a few £s.

  2. I make jewelry all the time, I just thought you needed to know this. Amethyst is quartz, only is purple. I don’t know where you thought Amethyst came from, but my dear, let me assure you, it is indeed quartz.
    Some amethyst is quite expensive, some is not. It depends on where the stone was originally from and whether or not it was from the inside of a geode or mined elsewhere. I have a chunk that I mined in North Carolina, which is about 15 carats, has no shadows, inclusions or defects and is worth a little over $1,500. I plan on faceting it one day. I’d like to cut it into three stones for my 3 daughters, but I hate the thought of destroying such a beautiful uncut specimen.
    Check to see if there is a Gem & Mineral Society in your city or state, they will be the ones who can help you. Good Luck.
    I just looked on ebay, you might go there and check out their prices in comparison to your piece of amethyst.


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