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Does anyone know how many calories are burned with The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga?

Im doing The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga sessions instead of working out. I have two lil ones so its very hard to get out to a gym and workout.


  • I love when someone asks question and someone indirectly “answers” the question. Except the answer isn’t really the answer, it’s just the person loving to hear them selves talk. Thanks for the tip, dude. I’m pretty sure that’s common sense. Maybe next time you can actually answer the QUESTION and if you don’t know the answer, don’t bother.

  • Calories are not the issue if you eat raw foods. I want to caution you about yoga. Unless coming out of the pose very slowly, you can injure yourself. I do yoga, but release the poses very slowly. For years, I did not do that and always had problems. It you release slowly you gain all the strength, stretch and muscle unbinding. Whereas collapse or release quickly and lose everything – so focus on what I am saying here. If you yoga instructors are not releasing slowly, they need to be told or drop them. From what I have seen involving The Biggest Loser (TBL) Weight Loss programmes are that they are big losers period. I am not impressed because I just see a lot of fat people that think they are in shape. I am 140lbs @5’10 1/4″ of lean solid cut muscle and run 50 miles per week (have done 21 times 10 miles or more in the last seven months [one marathon and two half marathons, one 15 miler, one 11.6 and the rest 10s).

    Life is discipline and perfecting the body is part of it. If your body is not perfect, you need more discipline to do so. It is that simple. The TBL instructors I have seen are out-of-shape – not impressed – they are all fat. Americans should be ashamed of themselves and get onto the track and get it done. Otherwise the Arabs (I lived in the middle east – the Arabs are in shape and great fighters – they do not eat crap like fast food America) are going to do what the Romans did to the Greeks in history – slaughter them.

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