Does anyone know how can I learn to see auras?

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I am curious on how a person can learn to see auras. Does anyone know of ways of teaching the eyes to see it? Also eventually spirits?

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i think your born seeing aura
i don’t think you can learn it

Joe A

go to the North and South Pole


People who have gifts are the ones who are ready to use them and who will not abuse them.
It will take time and practice.

foot traveler
Red Thunder

you cant see “auras”…
nobody can


Generally its something you are born with. I can see spirits-unfortunately but cannnot see auras or orbs….


You can’t? From what I’ve read, they’re electromagnetic fields. I’ve heard that you can detect them with some type of machine and in one shop in Oregon they supposedly have a special camera to photograph it.

Reiki Chick

Start with trying to see your own aura. Sit in a room with dim lighting. Its best to have a white blank wall behind you. Then put a mirror in front of you with a candle between you and the mirror. Then let your eyes go soft and slightly out of focus. Meditate while watching yourself in the mirror – focus on the area about an inch or so past your head. Eventually with lots of practise you should start to see some colors. Then you could practise with a friend.
Another way (again in dim light) rub your hands together for a bit. Keep them pressed hard to each other. then slowly separate them about 2 inches to start slowly slowly stretching that a little farther. Keep your eyes focused on the space between your two hands. With practise you should be able to see a colour there, that begins to fade as you get your hands farther and farther apart.
I hope that helps. 🙂

Eva L

Hi there, my site has got some exercises to develop your aura seeing ability.
Go here for my “How to See Your Aura” article:
Make sure you rest your eyes regularly or you will strain them. Stay relaxed and if you get a headache, it’s your body’s way of telling you it’s time for a rest.
Best of luck!

vampire girl

You can learn but it is hard you have to foucus (I can see auras)


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