Does anyone know anything they can tell me or do for me to help me get a succubus to come and visit regularly?

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I have done the succubus summoning ritual a few times and I even wrote on a piece of paper that I was dedicating my soul to the succubus of Lilith’s choice. I signed the paper in my own blood and burned the paper from the flame of a black candle as I said a prayer to Satan. I have yet to be visited by a succubus. Is anything else I can do or someone can do for me?
Why you ask. I don’t have anything better to do.
And second, I wouldn’t pray to God or Jesus for nothing period.

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THERES NO SUCH THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No, this road your taking will only lead you to hell. Succubus only feast on the flesh of their summoners. I suggest you prey to Jehovah to forgive you and protect you through Jesus’s name.


Guess your soul is not worth that much man. Usually the temptations are saved for those of us who have a soul that is growing and spreading love to try and stem these actions. Maybe you are already selfish and destructive enough that you don’t need any type of seduction to draw you into the burning hells. Do you really value sex ( a very short and passing thing ((a flicker in your full existence)) ) so much that you would be willing to suffer until it is put out of you mind?
I am telling you all of this because when I was young and stupid I tired something quite similar and had to deal with the consequences of my actions in this life already. Not much fun. No matter how ignorant you are thinking that you will not be “scared” or how tough you are. These things eventually overwhelm you and you lose who you are. It took me 7 years and then some to come to terms with the things I saw. Nothing is worth that. And I would not wish it on my worst enemy. So get your head out of your ass and quit calling on misery for yourself. I mean, go and pay a prostitute if you really feel you need to fulfill some things you think most people wouldn’t want to do. But i can tell you that everyone has there weird sex things.. not a big deal.. grow up and focus on whats important. God bless.


Just thank your lucky stars that you had no reaction to your fooling about, my Mum and Dad were spiritualists, my wife and I tried to do the same as they did and suddenly the dog let out a howl and dived out of the room at the same time as my son who got out of bed and came into the room and said “Daddy I’m frightened” we left it alone after that.


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