Home Discussion Forum Does anyone know anything interesting facts about Albert Einstein?

Does anyone know anything interesting facts about Albert Einstein?

I am writing a paper about Albert Einstein and I don’t know much about him.


  1. In addition to the Wikipedia article above:
    You have a really interesting subject – have FUN. Here is a start – he was born in Germany, but as a youth renounced his German citizenship to avoid the military service, and became Swiss. Later, he adopted American as well (1940 – think about the date – WWII was on, and he was a Jew. . . ) and had duel Swiss/American citizenship at his death.
    Einstein had speech problems as a child (probably learning disabilities) and struggled with school in his teenaged years. Yet, he is considered one of the most brilliant people ever.
    He is famous for a lot of work in physics, but most famous for his Theory of Relativity. He did a lot of studies about time, and how time works. . . his ideas sparked a lot of science fiction writers to write about time travel and time warps.
    He won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.
    But do go read more!

  2. He formed the IRC (International Rescue Committee), a refugee organization that I volunteer for. He formed it to help the Jews during WWII to apply for entry to the United States as refugees. Now the IRC is a huge organization with 25 offices in the United States and tons overseas.
    I find it interesting because you always think of Albert Einstein as just a “smarty-pants”, not a humanitarian.
    If you want to check out the IRC for more information on the organization that he started the website is:


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