Does anyone know anything interesting facts about Albert Einstein?

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I am writing a paper about Albert Einstein and I don’t know much about him.

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Danielle Sparks

In addition to the Wikipedia article above:
You have a really interesting subject – have FUN. Here is a start – he was born in Germany, but as a youth renounced his German citizenship to avoid the military service, and became Swiss. Later, he adopted American as well (1940 – think about the date – WWII was on, and he was a Jew. . . ) and had duel Swiss/American citizenship at his death.
Einstein had speech problems as a child (probably learning disabilities) and struggled with school in his teenaged years. Yet, he is considered one of the most brilliant people ever.
He is famous for a lot of work in physics, but most famous for his Theory of Relativity. He did a lot of studies about time, and how time works. . . his ideas sparked a lot of science fiction writers to write about time travel and time warps.
He won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.
But do go read more!

Alicia L

He formed the IRC (International Rescue Committee), a refugee organization that I volunteer for. He formed it to help the Jews during WWII to apply for entry to the United States as refugees. Now the IRC is a huge organization with 25 offices in the United States and tons overseas.
I find it interesting because you always think of Albert Einstein as just a “smarty-pants”, not a humanitarian.
If you want to check out the IRC for more information on the organization that he started the website is:


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