Does anyone know anything about Chakra meditation?

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I started doing a Chakra meditation 3 days ago and 2 things happened, I became so relaxed I melted into sleep and I have had extremely vivid, sharp dreams. It was working so wonderfully that I have done it 3 nights in a row.
I have an especially easy time visualizing the “root chakra”, “heart chakra” & “third eye” being cleansed and glowing their color. I thought this was positive until tonight I was reading a story to my girls in bed and I distinctly heard a man saying something to me right outside the door. It was accompanied by a shocky static electricity feeling that crawled up my neck. I was so surprised that I screamed a little. I truly thought that my husband had come home from work early but he wasn’t home. Now I wonder if it was all in my head because my girls said they didn’t hear their daddy and they aren’t afraid of their room tonight. When I was little I was sensitive, as I got older I drowned it out with drinking, now I am clean 4 yrs but it has been basically non eventful. Am I inviting bad things by doing this chakra meditation? Am I putting myself or children in danger?Please let me know.

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never heard of it


I’m no expert but it sounds to me that through balancing and clearing your chakras you have opened up your psychic abilities- which is why you heard that man. It’s not that doing the chakra meditation has been harmful, it’s just that it’s probably made you really clear. However you can choose what you tune into, perhaps it’s time to find a spiritual workshop or teacher that feels positive for you and learn about the joys that can come with the gift of psychic ability. I am sorry to hear you became frightened, it will be ok.


From my education and expierence I know any time you meditate you should surround yourself in the lovely protective light of the universe ask your guides to join you and protect you for your highest and best good you also want to ground yourself picture tress roots growing from your feet going deep into mother earth. Picture yourself stepping into a white safe light , also the intention you hold in your mind is important. Think you are working on balancing your Chakras to be healthy and strong call arch angel michael in if you feel you need to his color purple for strength .if your intentions are around love and healing and you call on Universal help protection you will always be good. Anytime you raise your vibrations you want to be educated on how to do this, it is safe , and can change your life to a lovely place, like attracts like so if your positive full of love that’s what you will for what you heard was if negative feeling or just unsure of what was happening, goose bumps mean confirmation to what ur thinking to many. If you ever feel negative with contact of a guide or spirit just tell them to leave that you don’t like them there. This is very basic help and alot to type on here but don’t be afraid bring light and love in., get to know your guides you will feel very safe then read books on how to connect with spirit guides.namaste


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