Does anyone know any successfull methods for astral projection?

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I’ve been trying to project for a while, i’ve gotten close several times and one time i got a lucid dream, but any other time i just fall asleep or give up after an hour or so of trying…

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controlled substances.
Government bans them b/c they do not want people to project themselves and learn all the powers that this brings.


Put your knees together real tight, squat down and lean forward. That ought to accomplish your asstral projection…


yeah, its too dangerous. Requires aligning with evil spirit. Opens you to demonic attack, or worse, false allegiance from them.


If you inject Ketamine it will cause it. Ketamine is a controlled substance though. It’s street name is special K but injecting it is not the usual abuse method. It’s a type of cat tranquilizer but there are numerous reports about the astral projection effects injection causes.

Abby S

I have a friend who is trying to do that too (my dad did it during surgery), and she’s been looking at books on it. There’s a lot of them out there on astral projection. I would do some research online and find one.


I agree with one of the other answers.
Astral projection is a dangerous activity — which can lead to opening yourself up to demonic oppression and possibly possession.

~Specious Neurotica~

Lucid dreaming can be part of astral projection; however, the ideal point from which to begin the process is during the hypnogognic pre-sleep ‘dream’ state…the point when you’re not fully asleep and not fully awake but cognizant enough to begin lucid dreaming, and carrying it a bit further by not falling into a sleep pattern.
Deep breathing and light meditation at this time helps tremendously.
Edit Addendum: To address the issue of “demonic” possession.
Demons DO NOT exist; however, there are evil, for lack of a better word, spirits about, miscreants who are caught between life and death.
You should be aware they can no more easily come into our realm than we can theirs. Astral projection occurs within THIS realm only.


There are NONE.
The stuff the Hindu were trying turned out to be a pretty poor self hipnotism.


A friend of mine told me it only happens during sleep. You have to learn how to control yourself in your dreams because, according to him, they are not dreams at all. Most of the time we simply experience the dream not realizing we can become aware and control ourselves, thinking and interacting with others. He’s had limited success but I don’t know how he did it. I do know it took years.
An Astral Projection is different than an out-of-body experience so don’t get the two confused. An out-of-body experience happens in the dream-like state just before sleep…


this is something you do every time you go to sleep. the trick is in keeping your focus on a specfic goal or place you want to go to and rembering the trip when you wake up.
there are many god how to books on the market. you just need to find the one that makes the most sense to you and practice,practice,practice as it is an art the body knows. and don’t worry about not being able to return to your body it hapens automaticly. just relax and have faith
have achieved this a couple of times myself.


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