Home Discussion Forum Does anyone know any self-hypnosis for running long distances?

Does anyone know any self-hypnosis for running long distances?

I would like to try self-hypnosis or imagery to help with long distance running. Does anyone have experience or have suggestions?


  1. I used to pump a lot of air with my lungs and turn the experienced sound into a rythmic mantra. I used to run early in the morning on a track and see the stars as he people in the stands. just a stupid mental exercise. I used to just count off 1/4 miles(the track size) and then do the math on miles after. I would run 10-12 miles every morning in about 45-55 minutes. I could have done more, but very tight schedules at my military academy for a SSG. Hence why I was running at 4AM.
    Then again I was 14 and permanently f’d up my bowlegged knee joints and never recovered properly from lava-fire-pain bad stress fractures. Just kept running anyway. Today I can’t even stand up for two long without problems. So be careful.

  2. I usually have the theme song from Spongebob Squarepants going through my mind,I dont know how it gets there but it relaxes me on a long run.Try watching a comedy you enjoy then think about it when you run.enjoy your run

  3. I make a clicking noise with my mouth that I run to the beat of. And I always think of my future goal; making it to the Olympics… in my mind I just repeat 2016 and before I know it.. the race is over… and sometimes.. I just block out everything.. the noise, the people, and its just completely quiet and I feel as though I am flying.
    but the easiest thing for me to do is to just sing a catchy song.

  4. Yes, you can use self-hypnosis to help visualize and help achieve goals! None of my friends have used hypnosis for long-distance running, but have overcome some phobias and stress using self-hypnosis. Email me if you want more info! 🙂
    Generally you need to have a comfortable mental setting to establish a rhythm in which you can run with confidence and ease. Hope this helps!

  5. its fun to just lose yourself in the joy of running for fun, or you could imagine being a hunter following an elusive reindeer, or try to memorize one of your favorite songs and sing the lyrics in your head over and over again, or actually sing out loud and ignore the looks people give you, or try to concentrate on nothingness or peacefulness and listen to the noises around you, try to be calm and relax think about somewhere pretty

  6. Um, don’t over do it with the hypnosis. You don’t want to knacker your legs because you hypnotised yourself not to feel leg pain. Try to align yourself with the goal, not the punishment you’re giving yourself.


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