does anyone know any good sites with white magick spells on them?

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I’ve been researching for a while and found this really good site : (it does have black magick on it too, but of course I avoided those ones). if you are wiccan do you know any other sites? and even if you aren’t but are interested in white magick anyway, are there any that you recommend? thanks to those who give helpful answers! any immature responses will be ignored. thanks again..

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~*Honest Blunt Opinioner*~

are people just so lazy that they can’t just type it in GOOGLE or YAHOO and find it that way.


I always say that the best spell is the one that you write yourself. If you’re seriously wanting to do magick, your best bet is to learn the actual practice of witchcraft, and learn how to create spells yourself.


I had a web site in my head but I cant remember it! but either way you would have to pay money for the spells. maybe this one will work?


I don’t use the biased terms of black and white for magic because magic is not biased. You shouldn’t be meddling with energies you don’t understand. Do more research and reading first.


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