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Does anyone know any good meditation storys about things you are sorry for and turning to god?

Or anything along the lines of sins and forgiveness, i need help urgently!


  1. Friend, With a Mustard see of faith you can move mountains!
    Just command what ever it is in your life that bothers you to go away. Say it out loud and mean it! Then forget about it. If you remember it, or think of it, or tell someone about what you said out loud.. you then doubted the power God has given you. Then you must do it again. Just remember. Set it and Forget it.

  2. I’m not a church going person. Because I believe in God, but not the people in the Church. But, I know now that isn’t a reason not to go. Because one is not going to Church because of the people in church. I had a big scene with my family one day and hit one of them. I had never hit this person before in my life. But, although till this day they did deserve it. I hated the fact that I let their demon bring out the demon in me. So, I turned to a friend who turn me to the Church. I talked with the Pastor and we prayed on it. With time I got over the situation with my family member. But, vowed to myself to never allow people to win over me again. Because I feel that some people feed off your spirit and when they can get you to react the way they want you to, they feed off of it. It makes them stronger and you feel weaker. So, I decided to learn how to deal with my family in a way that will allow my spirit to not be consumed. I talk with them but when I see their Demons trying to get a rise out of me I deal with them in a way that protects my spirit. I walk away, don’t commit in a negative way or I laugh, etc. It is making them crazy and they are trying all kinds of things to get at me, but God is our protector and they will not feed off my spirit again.
    So, if you have done wrong to someone ask them to forgive you, then forgive yourself and never walk upon this ground of sin again. With time, prayers and reading the words of the Lord. One will be able to put things behind them and Cast out their Demons and sin no more. Please read Psalm 25


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