Home Discussion Forum Does anyone know any astral projection techniques that work.?

Does anyone know any astral projection techniques that work.?

I’ve only ever had one full O.B.E. and have not been able to duplicate the circumstances. i was wondering if there is anyone out there who has a working technique for astral projection?
This subject is very important to me because astral projection may be a key that unlocks many doors.
No drug induced techniques please


  1. for me i tried a bunch of different techniques and only got the rope one worked for me like once……..and then it didn’t again so……for awhile now….i have done other things….what i’ve been working on is concentrating on “pre-dream” thoughts to keep my mind awake….you know those thoughts you hear that aren’t your own really, like right before you go into sleep mode?? and they are usually weird and make no sense??? well i focus on those and actually respond back to them to keep my mind awake….it’s hard but i had it work about 2 weeks ago so i might try that again tonight…lol in fact i will…..
    but there one that has worked for me everytime i have done it now (which is only twice….but now i plan to do it everyday and i’m assuming it will work most of the time……basically……get up at around 5:30……get dressed and stay up for at least 3 min no more than 10. then go back over to your bed…….now set your alarm for 6:10 really quickly and crawl into bed…..keep a mental note of the time in your head AT ALL TIMES!!!! in fact…have trouble going back to sleep because you are trying to wake up before 6:10!!!!!!!! then…once you get into the zone 😀 just ride it out and have fun…YAY!!! it’s worked for me twice now and i feel like it is seriously the easiest way…cuz your body is already tired….and all you are doing is letting it go to sleep while you try to keep a note of your internal clock 😀


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