Home Discussion Forum Does anyone know about the power of your subconscious mind?

Does anyone know about the power of your subconscious mind?

How to stop thinking negative and think positive, PLEASE help
how to unlock my full potential
how to reprogram it


    SO superpowerful, in fact, that my subconscious is answering this question. I’m watching the Caps game!

  2. start by reading personal development books. authors such as dale carnigie or robert kyosaki. then learn an understand the law of attraction an how it works,

  3. Well, your question is complex, I’ll do my best to answer as simply as I can. First of all, my father was a hypnotist and hand writing analyst. Amazingly, the human mind can achieve many things.
    First and foremost, you can get yourself into the habit of being grateful. Make a list of as many things you can think of for which you are grateful. As often as you can, use that list to remind you to be mindful of these things. Example, when I see a great sunrise, I remind myself how wonderful it is to be able to see it. I just reinforced to positives: the beauty of the sunrise and the amzing wonder of being able to see.
    Make a list of how powerful you are. You can speak, read write, throw a ball, drive a car and use a computer, among many things. 99.99999999 percent of all creatures on this planet cannot do all these things. Ever seen a whale play piano? Do you play? If the answer is no, then I ask you…can you play. You might say no, but the truth is, you simply haven’t decided to learn to play.
    Then there is the real power. It’s self -hypnosis. You can hynotize yourself to do many things. You can use it to relax, reinforce your thinking, and empower yourself to achieve your goals, like stopping smoking. This method, when repeated, can assist you in many things. You can google self-hypnosis for more info on the methods and uses. One eample is that 15 minutes of self-hypnosis equals about 45 minutes of regular sleep. Hope this helps


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