Home Discussion Forum Does anyone know about past life regression?

Does anyone know about past life regression?

I have a deep hatred towards Christians and was wondering where it came from. Perhaps I was burned at the stake in a past life? Or perhaps Im just not stupid.


  1. It is ok. Christians will not matter one day. You must realize there is no heaven and no hell. There is just us. We need to worry more about what is going on here in realitly. This is real my friend. Don’t even worry about the christains because they will only give you false hope.

  2. Have a past life regression done and see. My friend had a past life regression and discovered she was burned at the stake.

  3. You go to a therapist and he induce you to an hypnosis to go back further when you were born. Sometimes hate is born because you dont understand or you don’t know the subject, remember that in all religion (and atheist) they are good and bad people. And you know something, the majority of people burn in the stake, were real christian (they were called anabatism). And were burn, because the Catholics didn’t did was JC told them, they preach one thing with the right hand and make the opposite with the left.

  4. Maybe its not so far back as another life…. maybe you have felt judged at some point by someone who claimed to be a Christian.

  5. You should ask yourself why, you dont give an explanation why. Is it because they are preaching against what you are doing?

  6. You need to correct your approach/attitude towards religion.
    What ever your faith, respect your religion and have full belief in the very basics taught to you.
    All the religions are in continuity to each other and only the prophets/messengers have been different according to the time.
    Every day is a new day and affords equal opportunity to each one of us to take a new/better start.
    Do not worry about the past, even if you think you have been wrong.
    God is gracious enough to overlook your previous misdoings and accept your new commitment, if it is made today.
    Go ahead, embrace your belief with full faith, and you shall be benefited in this world and hereafter.
    All the best for a new start.

  7. perhaps you just have a deep hatrid towards christians. it doesnt have to have happened in a past life.

    a friend of mine believes that each life you live you are trying to make up for the ‘sins’ of a previous life. IE if you were an alcoholic in a previous life you will struggle with it in this life, or at least have a tendancy for it… perhaps in a past life you were 180 from what you’ve considered, an inquisitioner or some such, a devote christian that persecuted others and in this life your soul is determined to over come that.
    just a thought.

  8. Life is a War.
    As it was dark, an immense blackness surrounded my vission as I had my eyes closed.
    When I opened my eyes, a blacken veil spotted with white tiniest dots on it has changed the scene, and started my interest as it was turning multicolored and cool.
    Crossing the silent bestowed on night, an even larger white dot was mooning out.
    Vertically from the horizon, it took some time as it went by, then black darkest sky was fading away, white stardust were disappearing little by little, only the big white moon seems to be strong.
    Then dark black sky was turning blue, and whitish yellow red ball of fire was pursuing the moon, who had escaped in the darkest blue.
    Then heat was on, as the sun steadfast, emitting sky sea was alike, flowers were blooming and colors were victors, greener was dominant but not a match with bluish.
    Noises began and took their time to settle down, then heat was cooling down too, as the sun was alienated pursuing the moon in its own light, and the last like a clown jested behind laughingly hiding in the dark.
    As I close my eyes the day the sun eclipses with the moon to laugh the last.
    Life went on and on, as the sun had ever let go the moon impregnated with its heat.

  9. I feel for ya dude. I think it might come from too many of them beig “aggressive” in their christianity. Consider the old parable about the savage and missionary. He asks, “Now that you’ve told me His word, I have to beleive or go to hell?” “Would I go to hell if I had’nt heard ‘His’ word?” The missionary responds, “No, of course not.” To which the savage replies, “Why the F*CK did you open your mouth then? If I was fine before?”– Think about it. Every unwelcome preacher is working against god by putting your soul in danger. (assuming one believes in a soul that is.)


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