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Does anyone know about aura reading? think i'm going mad but i can see them?

If I sit and stare at my self in the mirror and make my eyes kind of in that staring mode, I get a brightish light around me that is sometimes white but I have seen it greeny yellow too, if i stare at other people i get the same thing, its not really noticable colour i really have to stare, i kind of noticed it by accident but then i remembered about auras and stuff and thought maybe thats what it is, or am i just going slightly mad lol any thoughts guys thanks xx


  1. You may want to see an ophthalmologist or a neurologist. You may have a condition similar to or associated with migraines.

  2. You should find a good cuckoo clock and wind the big hand to the 12. The bird will come out and give you your answer.

  3. It’s because you have a lack of focus that comes from staring for too long; everybody gets it and it’s not limited to people – animals, plants, clocks, chairs…
    If concerned, consult an opthalmologist.

  4. The sad truth here is that………….you ARE just going slightly mad.
    In the same way, if you stare at clouds long enough they will take the shape of whatever you want then to.

  5. I have been doing it since a very young child. Most people can do it with practice and the one thing that usually stops people is disbelief that they can do it.
    You are just tapping into an electrical field around the body that most people could see thousands of years ago. Our brains have evolved and we do not need to guess at the mood of the person near us now. We communicate using intelligent speech.

  6. have you tested if you are really looking at afterimages?
    Do your staring, then look either at a white wall or a white sheet of paper. If you see the negative of what you just been staring at all you have done is created afterimages. If you stare at something without moving at all and then start moving slightly you would see the afterimages superimposed on what you are seeing. The colors you see would be affected by the color of clothes you or other people are wearing. If you wear dark clothes a lot or the light in the background of your mirror is bright enough that you are like a silhouette the afterimage of you would be whitish/bright.

  7. The question is this: if you can see them, so what?
    It is not necessary to start wearing paisley scarves and staring at crystal balls.

  8. First off, your not going mad. Aura reading is an ability that many people are starting to accept. Whats happening, is that your eyes are tuning in to the electrical field around some people. The level and vibration, which depends on mood, and the like, manifests itself based on the vibration and frequency, into color. It’s excellent that you are have this gift, and don’t allow anyone to tell you that your “mad” or that what your doing is evil or unacceptable. IN VERY,VERY small cases will this be connected to disease.

  9. I went through the same thing when I started to see auras! I thought there was something seriously wrong with me, like I was going mad or worse! Over time, as all the physical reasons were ruled out, I came to accept my ability to see auras as a spiritual gift. I’ve even started a website about auras, it’s at http://www.aura-answers.com
    My advice to you is: consult your optometrist to rule out an eye problem. See your doctor to rule out migraines. Then learn to embrace your newly awakened gift and have some fun with it 🙂

  10. Reading this on here, I have to say that the oracle is closest to what I understand about all this.
    I have friends who claim to have seen auras. I have a friend who has been trained in several eastern healing feilds such as shiatsu (Finger pressure), reiki, and others. He taught me that there are energy lines flowing through the body. I found out that the earth has a magnetic energy field that affects everything on it. This energy filed affects humans be affecting their own energy filed which is part of the soul or breath life in that person. This life force if you will is a form of energy and has a magnetic element to it. Which is why some people can effect devices such as watches. It is the strength of the magnetic flow in their body. Now, I have once ctually seen this energy flow in a visual way. I saw the flows of energy through a person’s body as a flowing river of blue and red.
    But this energy also produces a form of magnetic aura that some can see if they focus right.
    You know, I am a Christian but I recognise that there are things we simply do not understand right now. One of these is how the life force works in people.
    So I know that some of these things like seeing auras etc are not devil spirits or evil or madness as some suggest. But real. We do not yet know the fulness of how they work or how we can see them. Only that we do.


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