Home Discussion Forum Does anyone know about any white or black magick spells that work?

Does anyone know about any white or black magick spells that work?

I know of the bad things that can happen to you doing white or black magick. and i am currently working with someone that knows what they are doing. I know that magick is not a game i just need suggestions. I need spells that are for separation or for bring a lover back to another.


  1. These “spells” work only because you want them to and believe they will work. No magick is actually happening, but its the power of your mind that does whatever you want it to. Thats all. You don’t need any spells. If you can channel your mind to whatever you need, you will get everything you want. You just have to know how to take control of your mind.

  2. Cupcake Bunny is partially right, it is the power of the mind, I doubt any witch would say otherwise. It is through spells that we harness that power, how we “tap into it” if you will. I can tell you from personal experience that love spells rarely end well, it is not a good idea to try to take away another’s free will or right to choose for themselves in matters like this by any means, magickal or otherwise.

  3. Sweetie, I don’t know how old you are, but I’m not going to coddle you.
    Before we work magick of any kind, we must do some work on our own. I don’t mean trying one or two things, but many. We need to show ourselves we want it bad enough, before we show the universe we want it. Maybe after a week of trying, you could try.
    And playing with another’s free will, while kinda shoddy, is just wrong. Think of it as a rape of sorts. Would you rape this person you want to affect? I do not ascribe to the Rule of Three, nor do I dislike The Black arts, but I do see them as soething used VERY sparingly.

  4. Love spell,
    You need:
    A pink candle
    a Pen
    a piece of paper.
    Write your name on the candle with the pen. Lick your thumb and wipe it over your name to seal your intent.
    Make a list of the qualities you want in a perfect mate.
    Light the candle and place the list under your candle.
    (please use common sense when working with FIRE.)


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