Does anyone know about any treatment for ocular migraines with auras?

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I have been getting them recently everyday. They used to only occur about two times a year. Maybe someone knows of a way to avoid them?

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Each person has certain “triggers” for migraines – for example, chocolate, and red wine are two common triggers for people. If you can determine what yours are, then avoid them.


If you can identify some particular things that are triggering the headaches, the best approach is to avoid the triggers. You are the only one who can identify the triggers – you have to pay very close attention to any patterns that occur leading up to the migraines.
Otherwise, there’s about a dozen different drugs for either preventing migraines or stopping them after they start. With the drug approach, its trial-and-error, and you have to work with your doctor to figure out what works best. With some people the migraine drugs allow nearly complete control, and some people only gain a little bit of control over the migraines.

I'm The Leprechaun

Midrin is best because it’s a combination of a pain reliever, muscle relaxant AND a vein constrictor to deal with the real cause of the headache.

George S

Your symptoms are of a supernatural origin – they are not physiological. These documents might clarify what is going on.


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