Does anyone know a website that has a guide on how to make a Book of Shadows?

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I am making my first Book of Shadows and I want a site that I can refer to to make a good BoS.

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Here are some spells to get you started:

Stormy Nights

Stay away from that nonsense


We have an article on the subject (kind of) on our site:
It has some helpful links anyway…


Get a loose leaf binder… If you continue down this path, you’ll need many of them. A Book of Shadows is a book of coven secrets and works. It should include all rites done (Sabbats and moons), all works done (both private and group), the final results of each work, insights and instructions. If you are doing coven work, it will get quite large, very quickly. Just don’t be showing it around.
Here’s a link with basic info…


There are many, just type in Wicca and check it all. Remember the Book of Shadows is a reference book for what works for you in ritual, spell work, etc. It is not a list for spells. I personally don’t do spells, but often refer to my BoS to check new ways to to ritual, what God or Goddess to call upon as per the season. Which herbs, candles, crystals, etc, to use for any given ritual. Invocations I found, meditations that I used, and ideas I gained from events I attended. Try using the BoS in this manner and see what happens.


Do you mean how to make a book? Or a website that tells you what to put in that book?
If you want a website that tells you how to make a book, I would just google how to handcraft a book.
If you want a website that tells you what to put in the book, that is silly. The whole point of a book of shadows is that you write things in there that you either write yourself or are passed to you from your teacher/tradition. You don’t need a website to tell you what to put in there. You write things in there as you have things to write down.

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