Does anyone know a way that will guaranteed a visit from succubus ?

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I have tried with a seance. I have tried using an ouija board. I have not had any success. I really like to visited by a succubus. Everyone tells me it is dangerous and that they feed off my soul. I don’t care. I just want the experience of a visit from a succubus. It is something I have desiring for a long time. I just wish it would happen. Can anybody help me in my quest.

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The Wicker Man

I don’t know, but you could, after finishing off with her, sing a song she sang to you backwards, and it would go away.

Nice Guy

Not paying alimony has been known to draw them out.They may bring along their demonic friends the Attornubus with them


have you tried to hook up w/drunk girls @ clubs, bars, or parties? [hit it & quit it] find urself the most annoying, most sluttiest, and atleast kinda hot drunk skank u can find..usually the dumber-the better.
trust me. u will find ur succubus.

Augustine Towonsing

Dear friend,
Greetings peace, love and light. If you have tried with seance and ouija board yet you failed then the only way is using your inner strength which believing in your own ability to summon the succubus.
The possibility is always open that needed you visualization power and focus in order to make things happened because I believe nobody out there may able to help you other then yourself. Yes I believe you can do it as you have emotion and strong desire.


Hon, I don’t mean to be rude, but shouldn’t it be obvious by now? No, nobody here knows how to contact one, because nobody here wants to. You’re on your own, dude.


You need to go to and buy world of warcraft. Or, if you’re up to it, use the trial version. It stops you at level 20, but that’s all you need.
Pick a race you like best. Everybody is a blood elf female, so be one of them. Select “warlock” as your class. Level up to 20. You’ll summon other demons on the way, an imp and a black cloud dude, but you’re after the succubus, so keep going.
Once you’re level 20 you’ll have to do some quests, but in the end you get your succubus and all is well. She won’t suck out your soul, but WoW will.

squacked off

I think you watch too much new age internet porn and that keeps you from getting a real female.


I answered you before and I am going to answer you again in much less detail. I urge you to go back a day or two to my much more elaborate explanation which will increase your chances to greatly, I would be surprised if you didn’t get visited by one. Of course, there are never any guarantees.
It isn’t nearly as dangerous as you would think, but it can be scary, and unpleasant.
Succubus visit people who are worn, and haggard and drained of certain chemicals that assist us with sleeping at night. Heavy stress and insomnia are a couple ways to have an experience of this type.
To drain these chemicals from your brain, you need to take lots of short naps (30-45 minutes each), and wake up completely in between (no less than 20 minutes awake time between naps). You should take these naps on your back, as this is the position in which people have such experiences about 80% of the time.
It will take a day or two of this before you will start to experience weird things. It shouldn’t take more than 3 days to have a succubus all over you.
This is a very serious answer. This procedure is probably the only way you can do it, if you are not one of the fortunate people who are overwhelmed with stress and insomnia. These people experience such things frequently.

Sayed A

Um…This is really dangerous and something to avoid. If you are horny, then find a living person. Really. Don’t go looking for this type of headache.


go to click the map of where your at and for 200 “roses” an hour you can have an evil witch do anything you want ok?


Dress more attractive. Try a new pick-up line. Take her to a dinner and movie. And all that other good stuff.


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