Does anyone know a succubus that could visit me?

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I’m really depressed and lonely and I have tons of energy to spend. I could really use the company of a succubus.

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Tomb Raider

You do know that a succubus visits men and an incubus visits females,right? If you want to know how to come in to contact with one,all you have to do is go on line and type in the search bar,how to summon and succubus or incubus,there is a site that will show you how,hope this will help you out and you get your wish.


Have you tried Succubus R Us at 555- call- succ- er

Nice Guy

Yes I do, and I advise it’s next victim to get a pre-nup.


Have you tried cruising the “bad” parts of town for crack addicted women yet? I know they are real women, but they can be very annoying and will drain your energy fast.
Also, you can buy succubus enchanted rings on ebay, I don’t know why anyone would bother looking elsewhere.

Hannah G - Satans little helper

Porn works. Or, you know, a real person.


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