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Does anyone know a red magick spell to draw a specific girl to you?


  1. I have never heard of Red Magick. Only White, Grey, and Black. Personally, I practice White because it is safe and good and doesn’t cause harm. I suggest finding a White Magick Spell for this.

  2. Red Magic(k)? Red as in Love maybe? Well Magic(k) has no color, just intent. If you want to perform any love kind of spell, I would recommend doing something which raises your visibility (in the eyes of that person) or makes any negative energy standing between you and that girl vanish. You will however not be successful in trying to actively make anyone getting attracted to you or loving you. YOu also should not even try as this interferes with that person’s free will.
    Having said that, check for some candle magic, may be simples in getting your thoughts focused and your mind changed if performed with a serious mind.

  3. Better not to try. This is a form of binding magick, as it is forcing somebody into a position that they might not want to be in. Also, statistics have shown that relationships that begin like this end horribly. It would be a smarter idea to use magick to make yourself look better. Also, you don’t have to specify red magick, thats just a catagorization for different types of magick.


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