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Does anyone know a "Real Medium" (Psychic) that can help develop ones abilities. A school or teacher?

I have always had a very high intuition but lately its more accurate. I just want to speak to someone, or attend seminars on how to deal with this.


  1. no such thing, their are societies that say they can, but in the end it is most likely going to simply be in your mentally mind. The human brain is incredibly powerful and can make you believe things that are necessarily not true. If you really are a psychic than I suggest you to take the James Randi Educational Foundation challenge. if you really are psychic than you will get 1 million dollars. Sadly, out of hundreds of applicants, not a single one has come even close to succeeding(including any of the premier psychics you would see at these so called compounds)

  2. If you go to your local SNU (Spiritualist National Union) they run development groups and also seminars, you can be assured that you will be receiving instruction from real Mediums and at a low cost.
    Please note that SNU is UK based, I am sure that USA have a similar organisation but do not know what it is called-sorry.
    Love & Light


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