Home Discussion Forum Does anyone know a psychic I could call or healer or medium?

Does anyone know a psychic I could call or healer or medium?

I feel Demons around me and I don’t know how to banish him and i need advice on my life from a healer, psychic, or medium. Serious answers please.


  1. You need to pray to Yahweh (the One and ONLY God); He is the only one that can help you. You need to realize that your sinful nature is what allows Satan and his demons to harass you and only by the power of the Holy Spirit of God (whom you receive upon acceptance of Christ Jesus as your Lord and Risen Savior) can you vanquish demonic spirits.

  2. Joyful noisemaker is absolutely right. Whatever you do, don’t go to a medium, “healer, or psychic. This will only open the door further to demonic activity in your life. Call upon the name of Jesus. Find a mature TRUE Christian and talk to them, perhaps a pastor at a church, and let them tell you about Jesus and give your life to Jesus, if you have never done so. This may require a lot of prayer and you may go through a lot of things but Jesus is the only solution to your problem.

  3. Is the demon causing you harm or is it just an annoying presence? Does it communicate with you or just send shivers up and down your spine? All these are necessary questions to figure out which kind of demon is around you. The “Jesus” path is a valid option, but do not accept that your ways are sinful. Bad things do happen to good people. Why are demons considered evil? Who decides what is good and what is evil? These words, good and evil, are merely the perception of ones reality. Think back to when this manifestation began. Did someone give you a piece of jewelry? Did you anger someone who perhaps has the knowledge to raise a demon?
    Try this: (the Christian method) When you feel the demon’s presence, open the bible to the lord’s prayer and recite it aloud. Do not just read the words, feel them. If the presence does not dissipate, read the prayer again. If after reading the prayer 7 times (the holy number) and the demon remains, then it is time to consult a different religion. Each religion has their own types of demons and their own ways to turn them away. Know this: if you did not raise the demon, you can not banish it you can only turn it away and send it back to its sender.

  4. Go to allexperts.com. Look for spirituality/religion on the first page and then one the next page click on the spirituality and look for psychics. They have a few people and might be maxed out meaning they’re working with someone. Some you gotta be 21. You can ask only ONE question and it’s free. So check it out.

  5. Not sure that a psychic will help you here, I would recommend talking to someone spiritual who you can trust and who has the time and the strength to help you.
    If you do want to head down the psychic route, then go to http://www.psychicchatrooms.org/
    for links – I’ve used this site and you’ll get a good reading cheaply


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