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Does anyone know a magick spell to attract more money or one to win the lottery?

My situation is very complicated and I would greatly appreciate any positive feedback. Some clues as to where to go would be great. Thank you to those that will help and believe.


  1. Yes I do try this, say this twenty times and it will work; Eeenebeani, chili weenie, Oh great philapeenie, give me wealth and give me lots, then give it all to toy for tots.

  2. And what, pray tell, would make you think you can just mumble a few words and get whatever you want?
    If magic worked like that, don’t you think everyone would use it?
    Magic is about internal change and growth. It’s not about making life easy or getting everything you want.

  3. I know a magic trick that will ENSURE you will win the lottery. If you buy 7 million lottery tickets, you’d cover every combination available in the tickets. You’d win for sure! The only trick is finding the 10,000 hours in a week that it would take to print those tickets.

  4. If one existed and I knew it, do you really think I would post it here so everyone can compete with me for the lottery winnings?

  5. In shamanic practice, success in life is often connected with success in obtaining guides and guardians in the spirit domain. I don’t think the spirits can predict the lottery, but they might know a thing or two on how to help you get more out of the skills you have.
    If you are interested in learning shamanic practice, just look up shamanism at wikipedia and go form there. I think Michael Harner’s “The Way of the Shaman” is ok for starters. Or consider “Travelling Between Worlds” by Hillary S Webb if you want to learn about many different groups and cultures before choosing something to guide you further.

  6. If we knew of one, we would be rich by now.
    Spells are very personal; what would work for you may not work for anyone else.
    make a “money spell” for yourself. If it doesn’t work, keep trying.

  7. Try looking up money spells online. Choose one that you like. Although you have to keep in mind that it doesn’t always work the way you expect, like if you want to win the lottery it might cause you to get a big bonus on your next check or a refund for something, catch my drift? And you spelled magick right. For the person that said you spelled it wrong, magic is what an illusionist does, magick is the real thing.

  8. I always remember the movie “pay check” one of the characters bought a lotto ticket which won millions. I noted the numbers of his lotto entry and they were; 4,17,26,37,40,44. One never knows, put the numbers in and see what happens.

  9. A rather “generic” money spell is to oil, charge, and burn green candles.
    This spell normally manifests its success as helping you get a job (if there are any to be had in the geographic area you’re in, in
    the occupational field you’re in) or getting unexpected and massive quantities of overtime from your employer if you’re already employed.
    This does not mean that everyone who tries
    or uses this will be successful, for it seems
    that in this endeavor there may be a personal component of “karmic skill” that hasn’t been measured or quantified yet.
    I write of this because I know that I myself
    have tended to have quite a bit of success with this (getting OT until I’m ready to “drop”). But others don’t get much of
    any results at all.
    The only thing that seems to give you a clue
    of any sort when using this is the condition
    of the candle flame. The ones I burn the
    candle flame is straight and strong. The one
    person that shared some feedback with me
    on this reported failure in their attempt and
    that the candle flames (they got desparate
    and burned about a dozen simultaneously)
    were flickering and sputtering ‘all over the’
    place’. Much like a breeze was coming from
    They had begun this in a closed room with
    no fans or other source of circulation that
    would ordinarily justify such behavour from
    a flame. Other efforts of theirs at other
    times and dates essentially replicated the
    Brands of candle and vendor/store source
    of the candles was the same for both of us.
    I know many people in my city apparently
    know of this spell. During the Recession of
    1990, all candle shops quickly sold out of
    green candles. Votives, tapers, etc. I know I got tired of waiting and wrote Hallmark. They wrote back that there was a problem
    with their manufacturing facility (Kansas?)
    keeping up with the demand…and no, they
    wouldn’t sell me any by direct mail…I had
    to buy candles through the storefront retailer.

  10. I find myself apologizing for such ignorance of the human race!
    First of all, you can’t do magick that is selfish in nature, and the Lottery thing would be very much along those lines.
    It helps if you are a practitioner of witchcraft, then you would know that in order to get the most from a spell you have to write it yourself. One that gets me thru is not a verbal type spell, but has to do with using objects. And it will not make you rich, but may get you out of a bind, temporarily, until you find a permanent solution (as others suggested perhaps a job?), What I do is take the largest denomination bill I can afford to be without for awhile, draw a runic symbol for money on it using clove oil and I put it in a tiny case with my “cats eye” stones. It usually gets doubled within a week. But it will never be enough to live on! Nothing in life is easy or free.

  11. If you do this type of magick, it’s just as likely you’ll just get offered a job somewhere. Magick (mind) does not work exactly as expected often. If you try to fit your will into a specific slot, more often your will will break before the Universe does… so rather, focus on (magick) getting the money, and allow your will to slot this magick into wherever it can find a spot. In the mean time, keep your eyes open for opportunities. There will be a good one around the corner. Light Candles.

  12. It’s really sad that we live in a culture that has such a NEGATIVE view about the blessings that money can bring into people’s lives. Everyone has the RIGHT and FREEDOM to choose how they live and how much money they desire. NO ONE has the right to dictate to anyone that they should not try to find magic to win lottery. its called FREE WILL. and the people’s messages on here need to understand that basic human RIGHT. we are All FREE to choose what we want in our lives, NOT others…… and just to clarify the LIE, that magic does NOT exist…… look around you….. YOU exist, is that not magic in itself….???????? you need no more proof and that proof is UNDENIABLE. To those who dare to choose their own destiny, bless you all with much abundance and joy……..

  13. I won the lottery with a magic spell, I used 6 lottery candles fixed and 6 attraction candles fixed and a 13th power candles in middle of circle and burned then for 9 days at night only and all my 5 numbers came in. Use papa jim botantic products. Not expensive do it yourself, don’t waste your money on anyone to do it for you.

  14. Best to do it on a mirror the candles. Mirror must be circle and table circle. The reflection increases the magic. PAPA JIM.

  15. chaos majic holy guardian angels and goetia thats how ! hahahahahahahaha some people have jus got closed minds u think illuminati dont do ancient practice why u think they all loaded n general population aint lol free will and belief and education 4 a start people r conditioned from primary school onwards to believe what were told so thats what we believe if u can break throgh that barrier all becomes yours ! i know !


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