Does anyone know a good trick to put you into a deep meditation?






I know someone once said picture a dark room with a candle in the middle, and that kindof worked for me a few years ago, but now I am having trouble getting my mind focused in the beginning. Some new ideas might help.


  1. I am no expert on this, but if you are having trouble focusing and are letting your mind wander, trying speaking out loud to put yourself into a deep meditation. This keeps your mind from wandering.

  2. I spent many years living in the meditation ashrams of Swami Muktananda and touring with him in his mission to bring a meditation revolution to the West. It is best to learn the techniques in the presence of such a guru – he is there to steer you and correct you. Swami M. recommended that we do japa – the constant repeating of a mantra – in all of our activities.when we were not meditating. It is best to repeat a mantra that has been given to you by the guru as that will contain great power. Swami M. told us that for japa to bear the proper fruit you should have the awareness that the mantra, the person repeating it and the guru are one and the same. I knew when S.M. gave me his mantra that it contained tremendous power and as I repeated I would imagine it dissolving everything in my mind and body that was not totally pure. So it became a wonderful healing tool. So that when I sat for formal meditation and I repeated the mantra (not with the tongue but inwardly) I would immediately plunge into really deep meditation. A person who learns to meditate deeply should not meditate overmuch- that is not for hours at a time in one sitting. Swam M. used to tell us that doing so – could seriously impede your progress on the spiritual path It’s recommended to do not more than an hour initially and work your way up bit by bit to longer sessions. On the other hand japa can be done constantly and even in your sleep which is a technique easily learned. Before sleeping focus on the mantra and you will find that the repitition will continue as you sleep. You will enjoy a deep refreshing sleep..

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