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Does anyone know a good qigong teacher in the westside/south bay in Los Angeles?

Weekend/Late Classes


  1. My Chen style Tai Chi instructor offers a class from 2-3 on Saturday in Mar Vista.
    He’s a very patient teacher. His power is unbelievable. Check it out.
    WOW: unbelievable how people like Dillman can destroy the reputation of qigong teachers like the comment below. If you look at the videos on the site, there’s no demonstrations of long range no-touch paralysis. Some people are just too quick to judge.

  2. “good qi gong” is an oxymoron.
    You cannot “steal” or “use” someone’s chi.
    You can’t even use it like a “magical” thing or force like many frauds promote.
    the term “chi” is only legitimate when used as a substitute term for something similar or one of the following concepts:
    technique, structure, adrenaline, blood flow (which leads to better health, which leads to better conditioning).
    Any teacher that tells you you can “harness some magical energy” to become more powerfull is lieing to you.
    There are no chi forcefields, and no “no touch” kos.
    On debunking yellow bamboo:
    On debunking the “no touch” ko of dillman:
    Rabbits humping:

  3. There’s a good line of shaolin schools that have good Qi Gong, Nei Gong, tai chi, etc. classes. The school is called shaolin-do. They are owned by grandmaster Sin Kwang The and have locations across the country.
    For more info, you can go to their website (shaolin-do.com). The prices are generous for unlimited access to all weekly classes.

  4. Sorry can’t help you miss but I enjoyed reading Bluto’s remarks. Looks like Bluto’s a disgruntled chi man. What a bland idea of MA and lack of understanding not only the orig ions of MA but TCM. It’s Bluto though!


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