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Does anyone know a good magick spell and incantation to help start and grow a business?

I’m just starting a part-time job as a licensed massage therapist and I want to a spell or incantation that I could say on a regular basis…only serious answers please!


  1. The best way to have a successful massage business is to repeat this spell to each customer, you must whisper it in their ear
    “100 dollars extra for happy ending”

  2. No disrespect intended here, but maybe if you find one that works you can do something on a large scale. With another 600,000+ jobs lost last month, the US sure could use some help.

  3. how about “we take the following HMOs, so you don’t pay out of pocket”
    “10% off with presentation of this card”
    “me so hooorny, me love you long time”

  4. The best spell is one you make yourself, but here’s a sample.
    Write your intentions on a green piece of paper.
    write them in green ink.
    when you’re done, rub some lavender essential oil(a couple drops diluted in regular oil) on a green candle. set the candle on the paper(or burn the paper in it’s flame, and hold a crystal while watching the candle burn, and visualizing the successful business.
    This is best done on a thursday, saturday, or friday, and on the night of the new moon.
    When you’re done, bury the remains somewhere inconspicuous, and keep the crystal somewhere you’ll see it everyday at work.
    You can re-do this periodically, and use the same crystal. Repeat the affirmation used in the ritual, everyday before work (ore possibly before each patient, while holding the crystal.


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