Home Discussion Forum Does anyone here have experience with tonglen meditation?

Does anyone here have experience with tonglen meditation?

I had my first experience with this meditation technique today, and it was unexpectedly powerful.
Similar experiences?


  1. Thank you for making me look this up. It sounds like a very interesting type of meditation. I read several Tibetan books and have wondered as to exactly how they absorb the pains and angers of the world and dispel them and now it makes sense. I’ve tried breathing in good energy and then dispersing it to the world but this sounds like more of a challenge and I’ll have to get back to you on how it works out. Sounds like a good way to develop compassion and rid yourself of little anxieties. For anyone who wants to know more I posted a link. Thanks for the great question!

  2. Tonglen – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Meditation on Taking and Giving. Pema teaches Tonglen in these videos. v – d – e … meditation, Insight meditation, Shikantaza, Zazen, Kōan, Mandala, Tonglen, …
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    Tonglen Meditation, the Buddhist practice of applied compassion
    Meditation . First Aid . Contact & Links . Search. Tonglen – receiving and … Tonglen can be undertaken standing up, in walking meditation and in the moment …
    http://www.peterfox.com.au/meditation_tonglen.htm – Cached
    Tonglen Meditation
    And in a CD called, Good Medicine: How to Turn Pain into Compassion with Tonglen Meditation. … and Vipassana meditation techniques, including Tonglen. …
    http://www.aboutmeditation.com/tonglen.html – Cached
    Pema Chodron
    The tonglen practice is a method for connecting with suffering –ours and that … can be done either as a formal meditation practice or right on the spot at any time. …
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    Rime Buddhist Center
    The Rime Buddhist Center, Monastery & Tibetan Institute of Studies is a non-profit … When you do tonglen as a formal meditation practice, it has four stages: …
    http://www.rimecenter.org/tonglen.htm – Cached
    Nancy Napier – The Practice of Meditation
    … of Tonglen Meditation … Tonglen is a process that invites us to breathe in the suffering … following meditation as a derivation of standard Tonglen practice: …
    http://www.nancyjnapier.com/Meditations/med-tonglen.html – Cached
    Tonglen – Taking and Sending Meditation, Thrangu Rinpoche
    Tibetan Buddhist Centers and Resources … TongLen is a meditation done in conjunction with one’s breathing, and in … What does this meditation accomplish? …
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    Tibetan Buddhist meditations that promote relaxation and healing. … How to Turn Pain into Compassion With Tonglen Meditation (Audiocassette) …
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