does anyone here have experience reading a crystal ball?





I bought a crystal ball recently and when I hold it it goes a soft jade green colour before turning red in the centre then it all starts to go dark purple and the whole time it has tiny, almost invisible flecks of light dance around in the middle. Is this a regular thing? what else can I expect to see? any ball readers on here?


  1. The colours are auras, if you concerntrate the centre should turn to smoke and swirl then if you ask what you wish to see it should show you.

  2. I own several “crystal” balls, one of which is genuine stone. It is not totally clear but has flaws or veils in it, although it is beautiful in its apparent imperfections. I find it necessary when gazing into a crystal ball to place it upon a dark surface in a dimly lighted area so as not to be viewing reflections. You must concentrate so as to put yourself into a trance while peering into the ball in order to visualize clearly the world which is hidden within it. Your description of the colors and changes within your crystal sounds enchanting! If yours is indeed a quartz crystal, I think that you must simply continue working with it to impress your uniqueness upon its essence. Eventually, you may become able to perceive images within the ball. Good luck!

  3. I have a Crystal Ball a real one It is made from Quarts crystal. some can cost as much as $900.00 or more depending on how clear and size it is. In side like clear glass a real one is clear,cloudy or both some have specks.a non real one is made from lead crystal looks like glass and have colors in can feel many things. when i first got mine i never had one like yours mine has an energy with in some are so strong it can cause you to not sleep .if kept in the same room.when i first got mine i was scared one night i felt a spirit vary vary cold grab my leg were it touched me i felt cold on that area only it is the strangest thing that ever happened with my ball.You don’t see things you feel things from the energy it gives can buy a cheap one for around $40.00 from a rock shop.your is lead crystle you can’t do much with the type you have.

  4. I don’t really believe in that stuff. Just like the so called psychics that they can talk to the dead and they get caught and they admit they lied.

  5. Because crystal gazing has been developed by people of various cultures through a long period of time, the term crystal gazing denotes several different forms of practice using a variety of objects, and there are several schools of thought as to the sources of the visions seen in the crystal gazing trance.
    Crystal gazing may be used by practititoners — sometimes called “readers” or “seers” — for a variety of purposes, including to predict distant or future events, to give character analyses, for fortune telling, or to help a client make choices about current situations and problems.
    With respect to the tool or object used to induce the crystal-gazer’s trance, this can be achieved with any shiny object, including a crystaline gem stone or a convex mirror — but in common practice a crystal ball is most often used. The size of ball preferred varies greatly among those who practice crystallomancy. Some gazers use a “palm ball” of a few inches diameter that is held in the hand; others prefer a larger ball mounted on a stand — although most authors agree that the expense of a very large ball is not always justified by added efficacy. The stereotypical image of a gypsy woman wearing a headscarf and telling fortunes for her clients by means of a very large crystal ball is widely depicted in the media and can be found in hundreds of popular books, advertising pages, and films of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, and the pervasiveness of this image may have led to the increased use of fairly large crystal balls by those who can afford them.

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