Home Discussion Forum Does anyone here have Astral Catalepsy?

Does anyone here have Astral Catalepsy?

To simplify it, it happens like this. When you are asleep, your spirit goes out and travel. This is why we have dreams. But there are times when you are sleep, or just about, and then you suddenly wake up, and you can’t move at all, not even open your mouth. You might also hear static, buzzing, music, or strange noises. This is because your spirit is halfway out of your body and your brain panics because it’s thinking that you’re dying, but you’re not. It stops in a few minutes and then you’ll be able to move again. It’s frightening the first time it happens. Does this happen to you? I have it sometimes.


  1. This sounds like an over-stressed and over-anxious state couples with signs of exhaustion. I would take a vacation and get a lot of sleep, especially if the likely source of the stress is work-related. If you are on medication, ask you doctor to adjust the dosage.

  2. I had read about it, and it happened to me once. It was very strange. SInce that one time, it’s never happened again. I can still remember the sensation. There was such a force, I felt as if the foot of my bed was being lifted up, and there was a loud, rushing sound.

  3. To put it simply…yes, I am a traveler, and it is amazing for some of the things I have seen, but sometimes it is not so good. I once saw a whole city consumed by a fire in just a single moment…I could sense an evil presence…that really bothered me for a while. I have visited a friend who had passed away…there is a bridge with an alter in the middle…a far away place. We meet at the alter in the middle of the bridge…I can never cross to the other side of the bridge…my friend says I have to wait until it is my time.
    I know the feeling you mention…it takes a moment for the spirit and body to merge back together.


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