I watched a documentary on him earlier today. (via youtube)

does anyone here (ceremonial magickians, in particular) follow his teachings?
Halcon?! I haven’t heard from you in forever! I thought you disappeared or something! ^_^


  • Those of us who do rarely have time for newbies, especially those who are only in it for shock value.

    We certainly have no time for those who are rude, intolerant, and disprespectful.

  • I am not ceremonial magician but i do happen to follow his rules of magick as well as his rules for summoning.

  • Now and again, yeah. He’s quite the trickster though, and if he was on Y/A, he would so be the biggest Troll you could ever find. And quite capable of taking out the largest Billy Goat Gruff, that came clip clopping across his bridge.

  • Kira, did you change your religion from Asatru to Thelema or something? I noticed you changed your profile.

  • Hello Kira how you doing?

    Just as twoasone says, you should read as much as you can, about all sorts of thing. Knowledge is good.

    Crowley had a massive influence on modern magical thinking and on certain neo-pagan paths. He swung between genius and madness (and is it that easy to distinguish between them?)

    I have friends in the Golden Dawn, and in the OTO (which links I have posted before), and they use his work quite heavily, however, not slavishly! Some of his work can be opaque, and there are other writers that are referred to as well.

    Gardnerian Wicca (look you have two Gardnerians replying to your post!) uses elements of religious thought from many sources and ceremonial magic is one from which we borrowed a fair bit.

    Here in the UK there is quite a healthy ceremonial magic “community” what with SOL, OGD and OTO (and offshoots); I couldn’t comment on the USA.

    Sometimes if you’re not part of, or don’t know people in such “communities” you might not even be aware of what’s going on, as many ceremonial magicians don’t dabble even slightly in any kind of neo-pagan scene. In addition, a lot of CM’s (ceremonial magicians) don’t’ do as much practical work in the way that say a Wiccan might do, a lot is learning and training in a more structured, no exactly classroom, but certainly academic, way.

    As you know, I dabble from time to time in CM. I find it supports and enhances my magical growth, and helps me to learn different things. I am though, and gladly remain, a Gardnerian priestess 🙂


  • Being Gardnerian, the answer would be no.

    Although we are very familiar with his work and even have a book or two in our library from him.

    Crowley was a contemporary of Gardner and others that gave birth to modern Wicca and Pagan practices, so his works are still valid as general information and information on some Ceremonial practices.

    But it takes all kinds and very few, comparatively, wish to focus on or practice ceremonial magic (outside of the Masons). Most folks are more comfortable with other paths.

    Also Crowley’s philosophy is a bit different from most BTW practices as well as from Paganism in general.

    Now, none of that means that you shouldn’t read Crowley’s work; quite the contrary. You should read all that you can on everything that you can.

  • Most of the Ceremonialists I’ve known largely discount Crowley, despite his knowledge and ability there are less extreme way of achieving the same results. There is a group known as the Thelemites who are followers of Crowley, you can find them at: http://www.thelema101.com

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