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Does anyone here believe in past lives?

I met with this woman who does past life regression and it was quite interesting, although I am not sure if I believe it. I mean, there’s nothing to base it off of. If you tell me you see my dead Grandmother and can describer her to a tee and then say something she always used to say to me, then yes… I would have to give that second thought, but being told what you did in previous lives. Seems like someone could just pull anything out of their behind and tell that to you. Anyone have any experience with this? (the past life thing, not the pulling anything out of their behind thing…)
Note: This woman really hit on a time period that I have a strong attatchment too (unbeknownst to her) as the time period in which I lived the longest. She also identified my current husband as a spouse in a previous life in WW1… what she had to say about that was quite interesting and about us being together in this life, it actually did make sense… but some of the other lives she was telling me about sounded bogus… but she did not tell me at anytime that I was ever a famous person….


  1. My wife and I do. We can even tell you exactly how we died last time around. We have never been anyone famous, or well known.

  2. yeah..
    i experienced it……
    my guru Mr. Ramachandra Guruji…
    he has power to know past lifes.. his 8 past lifes…
    we invloved somany people into the test..
    whatever they said we noted down, and verified it..
    they was saying the truth that where they born and bought up,
    who are their familiy members, what they was doing, how he dead..
    all those things..
    myself tested 7-8 peoples.. are they saying truth..

  3. Personally I think a lot of people are into this stuff for the wrong reasons. 🙂 IMO, the real value of past-life readings or regressions is getting a meaningful archetypal narrative that helps you in some way in your *current* life. It doesn’t matter so much whether or not the story you get is factually true; it matters whether the themes of the story can help you get perspective on your current life problems. Say a woman “finds out” in regression that she died drowning in a past life. Does it matter if she really did? No, but if it helps her overcome her fear of water in this life, then the regression was worth it. I know some people who were able to overcome long-standing phobias from this kind of work.
    Anyone interested in this kind of thing: run away screaming from anyone who tells you that you were someone famous. Statistically, it’s unlikely and these people are just trying to get your money by massaging your ego.

  4. I do. My mom had a friend who was regressed once many years ago. Apparently it was quite interesting. I would be cautious of people who interpret things or tell you about a past life. You are right, they can just make up whatever they want

  5. i do believe in past lives, but i think that most people get too excited about it. when someone tells you about your past life, you expect to hear that you were a pharoah, or leonardo di vinci, or something cool like that. really most people were just the average peasant or craftsman.
    ive never had past life regression before, i would love to have it done. in the past few years i have really gotten into pottery and ceramics, and i have never been a good artist or craftsman at all, but i consider myself to be a decent potter now. i have wondered if i was once a potter in a past life and i am having some of those skills come back to me.
    so if you get this past life regression done, and the woman tells you that you used to be a ruler of england or something, dont believe it.

  6. yea. im a Wiccan and big on reincarnation. i’ve tried it with random physics and people like that. they all tell me the same thing and ALL say i’ve already had three past lives.
    then i asked one of my students to try their gift for that kind of thing on me -he told me the same stuff!

  7. I believe in it and I can recommend a few things to read.
    –Edgar Cayce–sleeping prophet who claimed reincarnation back to Atlantis!–lots of books on him
    –The Search for Om Sety–ancient Egyptian past life allows girl to translate unknown hieroglyphics and find ancient sites that were not recorded.
    Probably available used online or in the occult/new age section of a used bookstore..
    No personal past life experience. However I have an passion for Chinese art that I can’t explain and when I visited there it all felt very familiar.
    Also had an out-of-body experience when I was 5. And a visit with a legit medium from a Spiritualist Church told me names, initials, quotes that made me a true believer in the other side.
    And then consider, can millions of Hindus and Buddhists all be wrong about reincarnation? Must be something to it.


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