Home Discussion Forum Does anyone here believe in negative energy?

Does anyone here believe in negative energy?

Seriously, do any of you guys feel negative energy could have an effect on us. I walk into my house and just feel drained of my positiveness. My family stays arguing and fighting and feel like it’s contagious.


  1. WOW!!! you got that right!!!
    I lived in the city library to stay away from my fighting family
    lucky I loved to read

  2. i believe in that, i think of it more as a contagious reaction also. if i am around a lot of negative people, i tend to act more negative then what i really am like.

  3. I definitely believe in negative energy. The feeling you get from walking into your house is just as real as the euphoric or happy feeling you get from going to a familiar restaurant or friend’s house. And these energies might have an effect on your overall self. I’m sorry your family is that way….hope things get better.

  4. Yes. if the atmosphere in the home is tense and angry, it’s going to affect you a LOT. I’m really sorry that this is going on.

  5. Yeap. . . I believe negativity draws negative energy and positivity draws positive energy. That’s why it’s important to keep a positive attitude and hang around people with a positive attitude vs. a negative attitude. Good Luck!


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