Does anyone have some helpful Lucid Dreaming tips?





I’ve been looking into lucid dreaming recently. I know the basics are to improve dream recall and keeping a dream journal. Also, performing multiple reality checks throught the day. I’ve been keeping a dream journal and my dream recall seems to be improving; however, the other night I recalled 4 short dreams, but this morning I could not recall a single one. I’m sure one night isn’t going to mess everything up, but does anyone have any good tips to help me out?


  1. Hey Nick,
    Lucid dreaming is about remembering and controlling your dreams.
    It takes training and constant practicing, but you can achieve full control over your dreams, including the scenarios and your actions in the dream.
    Keeping a dream journal is one of the tools you can use in achieving lucid dreams.
    Although there are some techniques to make you better remember of your dreams, the first thing you should do, is get relaxed before you fall a sleep and meditate while repeating the sentence “I will remember my dream”.
    A very important factor is stress and anxiety in your real life. you should try to relax and meditate before you fall a sleep and try to put a side your everyday stress and thoughts.
    You can also use the mp3 file that is on this site and find more info:
    After a few practices and couple of weeks, you will start to remember your dreams and be able to control them.
    Good luck !

  2. Try jumping into the air a few times a day when nobody is around. Do this daily. After three to four weeks, if you’ve been consistent, you’ll have a dream where you jump into the air. But in dreams, we don’t just drop back to the ground, we float back down. Then you’ll know you’re in a dream.

  3. Continue what are you doing and I suggest drinking milk or eating some lowfat dairy product an hour or two before going to bed. It’s a ‘basic’ food which will neutralize your stomach a little to calm it down as you sleep, which I’ve read improves sleep a little. I think this will help keep you calm as you sleep so you can focus on remembering them.

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