Home Discussion Forum Does anyone have bouquet ideas for an amethyst/silver wedding?

Does anyone have bouquet ideas for an amethyst/silver wedding?

Our wedding colors are amethyst and silver The bridesmaids dresses are amethyst. Does anyone have pictures of bouquets that would go with this color scheme?
The wedding is november fifth in response to the last answer…thanks for all your help!!


  1. I personally would do pink and white. My colors were amethyst and antique gold. I’m not a fan of matching everything. I did pink and white roses for the girls with a ribbon to match the men’s vests. My bouquet had white and pink roses and orchids. This was the inspiration for mine but I left out all the green, just roses and orchids.
    Or you do your girls bouquets in all white and then yours be white with some purples in it…

  2. You do not state the time of year as some flowers are more in season at certain times. Can only think of doing a darker purple with hand tied silver ribbon. Or a spring bouquet with lavendar tulips, pink roses, some light yellow foliage (florist will know) and tie with ribbon to match tulips. Also, can find some shades of lavendar roses.


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