Does anyone have any unique ideas for decorating a meditation room?

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I have a small, rectangular room that I am turning into a meditation room. I’ve already thought of floor pillows and a low table but I’m curious if anyone has any unique or different ideas for this? Thanks!

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a waterfall fountain, cool blues or greens on the walls, and very minimalist design.


I would definitely add some live bamboo, as well as a bamboo rug. I’m sure you’ll also want some aromatherapy candles and calming artwork.
Check out some of these Zen inspired rooms from HGTV:,,HGTV_3376_5291650,00.html,1793,HGTV_3366_5689447_02,00.html,,HGTV_3366_4155150,00.html,1793,HGTV_3366_5639663_02,00.html


light green walls are said to create a sense of calm
make sure you have a CD player in there for some mood music.
Water fountain for the calming effects
I love the idea of floor pillows.
If it were me, I’d get some shear white curtains and make a tent effect over a day bed or corner for those floor pillows

Kiss Me Deadly

You’re getting some great ideas here! One of the things I’d want in there would be stained-glass in some form. Definitely candles or incense and a fountain, too!


Before you furnish it, soundproof it if you can hear street noise or neighbours. The decor should be calming and not too bright in colour. Everything should be purchased to promote calmness.
Then think about accessories.


Look up information on “Snoezelen” rooms.
This type of room is something used to soothe the senses of someone with mental handicaps such as dementia. I don’t mean to suggest that is your goal!! But the concept is really lovely, and it should give you some ideas. One thing I bought was a lava lamp, another thing was a lavendar automatic air freshener. (My husband is afflicted with dementia)


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