Does anyone have any information on reincarnation?

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I’ve been very interested in that idea for quite some time and I was just wondering if anyone has any information on it.

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Many cultures throughout the earth’s history have believed in reincarnation or rebirth in one form or another and have taken the subject very seriously, to the point, where to aid those who have been close to mortal demise, they have taken them to their societies birthing chambers, close to where women would be in childbirth. This was done so that the discarnate soul leaving the body would not have far to travel to reincarnate or have rebirth within a new life and this was thought greatly to help the transmigration into the new host and life, therefore allowing rebirth to take place shortly after mortal demise. (However it appears that this would have been unsuccessful as the spirit is received at conception rather than at birth and it also appears that there is indeed choice within the spirit realms as to whether one wishes to return to the earthly plane and it seems only those who are also reasonably evolved and earn the opportunity can return to gain further experiences to add to the old or group soul).
Check for the history of Reincarnation and see what you can find pretty entertaining stuff. ENJOY!


This concept in Hinduism, they called it “Awagon” they believe that someone have 7 rebirths,
Next birth will be according to what he done in last birth, if done good then next will be in a good shape, if bad then might some one can be dog or cat in next birth..
Isn’t Interesting?

Scott L

Having been reincarnated 687 times, I know all about it. I’ve been everything from a king to a sea squirt, and once I was even a pimpernel. The best was being a lap dog and the worst was being the victim of a pedophile priest.


You can find a Buddhist view on this on Of course, other religions like Hinduism also believe in reincarnation/rebirth, but the explanations may differ somewhat.
If you have a Jewish, Christian or Islamic background, you could also wonder about the fact that these also believe in some sort of existence after death, so none of the major world religions hold that our existence stops completely at death, they merely vary in how we continue.


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