Sunday, September 26, 2021

Does anyone have any good tips for meditation?

If you meditate? I’ve never tried it but think I would benefit from it, I know I could just look on google and I’m going to do that too, but thought I’d ask on here as there may be people who meditate and have some good tips?? Thanks 🙂


  1. it can help with your emotion release and stress, if done correctly, you should see the benefits of it and put it into your daily routine for a few minutes.

  2. concentrate on your breathing…forget all the other fancy stuff such as blank out your will come with experience. Just prepare a space of your own and ensure it is quiet. when you breath in think of the next exhale…as you do that then thin of the next inhale…before you know it you have emptied your brain with all the wondering thoughts that can rob you of your experience of total tranquility!!!! good luck!

  3. There are many different types of meditation. Some people like to clear their mind of thoughts, others like to use visualization. Here is the method I use and that I recommend to my clients.
    1. Take several slow, deep breaths in through your nose, imagining breathing in white light, peace, and love. Breathe out through your mouth, imagining releasing all stress and negativity. Do this until you begin to feel more relaxed and at peace.
    2. Imagine you are in the most beautiful place you can imagine. Create this place in your mind, see all the colors, hear the sounds, feel the atmosphere, etc. Explore the space. This is where you can go anytime you want to meditate. It can be molded to fit any need you have. If you need healing, for example, you can imagine a healing bed and healing angels, for example. If you need help with an issue in your life, you can imagine someone who has great wisdom who can help you with that issue and talk with them in your space. You can also imagine your place, find a great place to sit, and just be there.
    I heard a great saying about meditation once – that meditation isn’t one more thing you have to do, it’s the time you take to do nothing. It should be relaxing and energizing.
    I have a guided meditation/hypnosis track available for free on my website.
    Hope this helps!

  4. You can start with observing the breath. Taking slow, deep breaths in and out. With each inhalation your body is energized. with each exhalation your body relaxes. Whenever you catch your mind drifting away bring your attention back to the breath. Start with a few minutes and you can gradually increase to 20 minutes.
    Do this in the morning and/ or right after you come from work or school, on an empty stomach, or after a couple of hours after food. turn off the cell. Find a spot that is clean and quiet that you will not be disturbed, and make sure your back is straight. If you do any kind of workout or physical exercises, yoga, etc, is best to do before and not after.
    If you are persistent for a few weeks you will see definite changes starting to happen. As your mind starts to get more calm in your day to day life, everything you do will be affected positively. While this is a great start i would definitely recommend learning a meditation practice. Personally i practice the Sudarshan Kriya taught by the Art of Living. it takes me 25 minutes each morning.
    Hope this helps you get started. This is really the most important part.
    All the best.


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