Home Discussion Forum Does anyone have any good suggestions for websites on tai chi?

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Does anyone have any good suggestions for websites on tai chi?

I’m particularly interested in learning the more martial and/or weaponized tai chi.


  1. The Chen style of Taijiquan is famous for its martial emphasis and large variety of weapons training. It was originaly proven by the Chen family on the battlefields of ancient China and on trade routes as hired protection. It is the oldest of the five major styles of taiji in practice today and is the source of all the rest. Any website on Chen Style Tai Chi (also Taijiquan) can be informative. Check out mine as well: http://www.chenstyletaijiquan.org

  2. Tai Chi Chuan is basically martial. It has become more of a health oriented exercise as time has progressed. Take a look at this site to get an understanding of the martial culture of Tai Chi Chuan; http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/Philosophy/Taichi/combat.html
    Besides websites I think you will find several books by some of the pioneers of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, to which I have an interest, really useful for your development. The first book is called “The Essence and Applications of Taijiquan” by Yang Chengfu. This is a book where he instructs on Tai Chi Chuan in “deomonstation narrative” which means that as he goes through the sections of the form Chengfu shows the functional aspects and applications of the various forms. He goes through the various sections of the forms as if one were facing an opponent/s. The 2nd book is “Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan” by Fu Zhongwen which is a very detailed analysis of the form. Both books use various Tai Chi Chuan treatises to guide the reader in the correct performance of the forms. Finally the 3rd book is “Tai Chi Secrets of the Yang Style” by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, which contains various Tai Chi documents concerning it’s philosophy and theory. The first 2 books also contain the Tai Chi Classics which will be very useful for your instruction. Now there is a website hosted by the Yang Family at: http://www.yangfamilytaichi.com/home and its discussion board is: http://www.yangfamilytaichi.com/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi?action=intro&BypassCookie=true
    Here is another informative site about Tai Chi Chuan which will be very useful to you: http://www.itcca.it/peterlim/index.htm


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