Home Discussion Forum Does anyone have any experience(s) with a scrying mirror?

Does anyone have any experience(s) with a scrying mirror?

If so, please share if you will.
Also, how did you cleanse the mirror after you first purchased it?


  1. i am a mythologist crying mirrors are the phenomenon when souls are territorial with possessions it’s better off getting rid of it

  2. i have never bought or used a ‘scrying’ mirror per say, but i have used the mirror in my bathroom. there is no window there, and i just put the little night light on so that i can barely see anything and turn all the other lights off. i just stand there and look at myself, concentrating on my eyes. pretty soon, they are someone Else’s eyes. i get ‘pictures’ in my mind about things and i just go from there. sometimes i have heard voices from the faces i’ve seen through me.
    after each session, i just burn a little incense and say a prayer out loud in there.
    be careful–always say a prayer before you begin, asking for the light of God to Surround you to protect you…you can even ask for your angels to be present.
    happy scrying,

  3. Not yet, but I do hear that scientists have shown that what occurs is a physical reaction, not supernatural.
    The retina of the eyes plays a “scientific” trick that makes you think you are seeing an older person. Sorry, it’s not real at all.

  4. Scrying means gazing deeply into a usually semi-reflective object until your conscious mind switches off and you begin to see images appear in this medium. You could use a mirror, a polished tile of black Norwegian Granite or Marble, a shiny piece of metal, or a brass bowl filled with water. Technically you could even scry into a puddle of muddy water or an oil slick, as long as you don’t mind getting down and dirty!
    Example of technique: Kneeling or sitting in front of a large mirror, positioned about 2’ (60cm) in front of the body, stare fixedly into the reflection of your own eyes. Maintain an unswerving focus until the mind becomes silent. Alternatively, stare into a small mirror that only “partially” reflects your image.
    The Black Mirror: This mirror only partially reflects your image and the blurred detail helps you to mentally relax and enter a light trance-like state. Often called the Black Mirror, you can make this easily. Purchase a round wooden picture frame complete with glass front (you do not necessarily need a round frame but the shape pleases). Stain the frame dark in colour, if necessary. Remove the glass and clean this thoroughly. Apply a single coat of high gloss black enamel paint evenly across one side of a cleaned glass. When dry return the glass to its wooden frame. You now own a Black Scrying Mirror.
    Note: If you purchase a mirror or suitable object, you do not really need to clean/consecrate it, unless that works for you, in which case you could use incense and some simple D.I.Y. ritual framework.

  5. I have done a lot of scrying, but my most memorable was using a black mirror (this is the most common method) and I saw my male side. I could see half of myself as female and half as male. It was really humbling and amazing all at once!
    You can scry in fire, smoke, water and mirrors. I don’t usually cleanse the mirror afterwards.


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