Home Discussion Forum Does anyone have any experience with astral travel?

Does anyone have any experience with astral travel?

I was talking in depth with a friend last night, and she told me that she ‘astral traveled’. The way she described it, she did it as often and as easily as someone would travel to the corner 7-11.
I don’t believe in it myself, but if someone is willing to share their experiences, I’d enjoy reading them.


  1. “We never come in contact with the world, we only feel our nervous systems…”
    You can do crazy things to your nervous systems. I suppose this is one of them.

  2. I’ve done it a few times, but usually just when the people in the spaceship want to have a talk to you do they summons your soul. Coming back into your body is the weird part because you will be hovering over yourself and looking around but you won’t be able to move at all. One time I after I came back i was standing there looking at myself sleeping and I think I was a black shadow.

  3. I do this when I’m stuck home alone and bored. I leave my house and take a short walk to the ice creamery. I buy two ice cream cones, then quickly trot home. When I open my front door I give one of the cones to me standing in the doorway. Me and me lick the cones hungrily and then I’m gone.


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