Does anyone have any advice for a new witch?





I just started studying about wicca and paganism. Does anyone have any good sites to go to to learn some spells, potions, or info. Im also trying to build a book of shadows if anyone has any interesting pages or info to share on that topic.


  1. Sorry, this may be long.
    I’ve placed the information in the form of “Steps”. Perhaps this would be easier to understand rather than just babbling, lol.
    Step 1: Decide. Do you want to be a Witch or Wiccan? The two are separate practices. You can be a Wiccan AND be a Witch at the same time, but it’s not necessary, nor is it a requirement to be one in order to be the other.
    Step 2: Contemplate. Why do you want to be a Witch/Wiccan. What do you hope to gain from the practice? What do you hope to accomplish? What draws you to it? ***VITAL*** Do Not move ahead before doing this step!!!***
    Step 3: Study. Read, read, read, read, READ!!!! Anything and everything you can get your hands on. Even the so called “Crappy” books by bad authors, as everything has some tiny hidden treasure out there. Form your own opinion. Don’t be a sheep following everyone else’s opinions.
    Good books to *start* with:
    “Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner” by Scott Cunningham
    “The Complete Idiots Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft” by Katherine Gleason and Denise Zimmerman
    “Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft” by Raymond Buckland
    Step 4: Study some more. Learn about different practices, divination, deities, traditions, herbs, etc…
    Step 5: Practice. Begin to practice what you have studied. Trial and error are great ways of learning. Don’t forget to record.
    Step 6: Declare. When you feel you have gained enough knowledge to comfortably carry on a conversation regarding your practices, and feel adept enough to answer any possible questions raised about your practices and beliefs, you can comfortably call yourself Wiccan or a Witch.
    The practice of Witchcraft is a lifelong practice and study process. Do not think that you can do these steps in one weekend and you are a certified Witch. These steps (at minimum) should take about a year to complete. As well, you should not skip any of the steps, as you are only hurting yourself if you do.
    As for the BoS, Here is some info on making one:
    Book of Shadows ~ This is basically a Witches journal in which a Witch places any information he or she deems important. This can be made of anything from a simple spiral bound notebook found in any number of dollarstores throughout the world, to scrapbooks found in any craft store, and even Wal-Mart, to elaborate leather bound, metal-clasped books found in specialty stores on the internet. I, myself, recommend the use of zippered binders, for the simple fact that (because they are a binder) they make it easier to rearrange your pages, (because they are zippered) can hold looseleaf papers, like when a spell sparks in your mind and all you have is a napkin to write it on, and they provide privacy from prying eyes.
    Decorating this book is limited only by your imagination. You can sew or glue on ribbons and/or jewels, stick stickers on, draw runes, symbols, lettering in different styles etc…anything to make your Book of Shadows, yours.
    As for what goes in it, anything from obvious spells and rituals, to your personal jounals, records of your spellworkings, and rituals, stories and poems, information on herbs, stones, moon phases, sabbats, etc…once again limited only by your imagination. All that’s left is to begin your witchy workings.

  2. I suggest you add a herb page to your BoS. There extremely helpful and they smell good. And please don’t dabble in the craft it make us look bad and it hurts those who don’t heed the law of 3.

  3. follow the wiccan rede
    practice what you preach
    reserve spells for important stuff, no “spell a day” crap
    observe esbats and sabbats
    keep an altar and meditate daily
    do not try to convince others to follow the same path, avoid arguments about spirituality
    self initiate after a year and a day of good hard study
    dress appropriately to situations. dressing strangely only promotes the idea that we are all freaks or goth, wear wiccan garb to wiccan functions
    walk in the forest as much as possible, be aware of the earth’s cycles and how they affect you
    recycle and conserve energy
    here are some good authors (i would stay away from online info till you’ve had some experience)
    d.j. conway
    ann moura
    raymond buckland
    it’s best if you can find a priest or priestess to teach you, but that’s not always possible. there are a lot of books out there about the craft, but you have to be choosy in who you read and what you follow. don’t be swayed by what looks good, research authors who have been wiccan for awhile. just like any other path of spirituality, there are extremists. avoid them. wicca is about our relationship to ourselves, the earth and our higher power (whatever that is for you.)
    blessed be in following the olde ways……

  4. Yes.
    1. Separate witchcraft and Wicca. Wicca is a religion, witchcraft is a magical practice. If you are solely interested in spells and potions, then that’s not Wicca.
    2. Understand that you are far from ready to be casting spells. Start learning from the beginning. Learn the basic mechanics of magic, master meditation, learn some basic energy work. I would recommend Christopher Penczak’s “The Inner Temple of Witchcraft” for some beginner help with this.
    3. A book of shadows is YOUR personal journal of your path and practice. Info from my book would not help you. Include in your book your research notes, what you learn from your studies, records of your workings (don’t forget to include results/outcomes), and whatever else you feel is relevant to your path and practice.

  5. 1. Learn that Wicca and Paganism belong in Religion, not mythology.
    2. Learn the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft.
    3. Don’t bother with spells, they are nonsense.
    4. Any potions not based on the active compounds of herbs and chemicals are nonsense.
    5. Try this:

  6. 1) Understand that Witchcraft is a practice on it’s own. One does not need to be Wiccan to practice it.
    Wicca is simply the most common group (at the moment) to utilize witchcraft. However, it’s not exclusive to them.
    It’s important to understand this because many get it wrong, with the belief that you HAVE to be part of a NeoPagan religion to practice witchcraft. Which is not the case.
    2) Avoid all books by Silver RavenWolf.

  7. You should not being involving yourself with that stuff for your own safety your inviting Satan and his devils into your life by doing so

  8. just try ur best nd good like im sorta new myself nd im a catholic witch lol nd im 15 hhaha =D good luck from one new witch/warlock er watever they call a male witch to another

  9. wow. Be careful where you tread.
    Online wont do you any good..learn from someone who has experience
    best advice I can give you…karma is a bitch..anything bad you send out will come back to you 7 fold. &&always be careful what you wish for, bc you just might get it

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