Does anyone have any advice and insight on Opening chakras?…?

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Particularly the third eye.
What are the effects and How would one open then fully.
Ide mostly like advice on the third eye and crown chakra, But im very much so interested in the other ones too.

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SkepDoc 3.0

Here is my advice. Since chakras are a mystical pre-scientific concept with absolutely no relationship to reality you are best to stop trying to open them. It will only give you a headache.

Home Based Angell

Hi – To open the third eye, close your eyes and focus on the area between your two eyes where the third eye chakra is located. The color of the third eye chakra is deep indigo blue with white and purple lights. The third eye is affected by thoughts and feelings related to: The future and whether you are open to see what is in store. The past as in events from past lives, and beliefs in spirits around you.
It is best to clear all nine chakras beginning with the root chakra at the base of your spine and working your way up one at a time by visualizing each chakra and the effects it has on you.
It takes time and dedicated practice to meditate on each one, but with a little determination the rewards are amazing.
A really good book that explains Chakra clearing is:

William T

Chakras are a religious concept. You should ask this question in the Religion and Spirituality section. There’s nothing wrong with believing in them, but I would advise against using the concepts for health care.

Rev. Lynn D.

It is best to open your chakras beginning with the base chakra and working your way up.
As you raise your consciousness, you will begin to operate primarily from the higher chakras automatically. This promotes intuitive ability and becoming more attuned with the spirit realm.
Meditation is a good tool to raise your consciousness. The process shouldn’t be rushed. It will all happen in it’s proper time.


Hi ,
Best way is , Self Healing every day on 7 Major Chakras , Meditation and Oum Mantra in Meditation .
But let me tell you some thing , after Ajna ( Third Eye ) opened you will have difficult life , you have to accept many things , you will see dearest and beloved ppl Lie to you , but you cant tell them , you will see real presige of ppl but you cant say any thing , you will see ppl hate you but play like they Love you …
So , first pray & ask from God to give you Strenght of standing on these things and then open your third eye …
God Bless you


How does this sound (wording-wise), please do not judge?

Is it clear enough? We all dream of a time when we don’t have to work anymore, live free from disease, poverty, pain and death....

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