Does anyone have a link to a copy of The Book of Shadows from Charmed?






It has to be almost exactly the same as the book used in the show.


  1. Why? The show is completely false! I doubt there is even a real spell in the whole book! You shold go to and type in “book of shadows” for a REAL spellbook.
    Hope you follow my advice!
    -Wiccan Teen )O(

  2. There isn’t an online copy of the actual pages from the “Charmed” Book of Shadows. Warner Brothers planned to market one themselves at one time and were pretty careful not to allow a full copy to get on the internet. The link Crissy provided will give you all the spells, but no art work (which is what I suspect you are interested in rather than the ‘spells’ themselves). You can buy a copy of the Book of Shadows as seen on “Charmed” here:
    but they are rediculously expensive for a pretty prop. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.
    P.S. Wiccan Teen, there is exactly ONE real spell in the BoS as seen on the show. The first episode (as well as the unaired original pilot) had a spell for rejecting the suitor which was an actual working spell.

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